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Crossbeam Systems and Crossbeam are registered trademarks of

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. “Our

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Its leading X-Series security platform offers an open, high-performance

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Lumia sales triple in Pakistan, led by the Lumia 535

They simply stand-out in a sea of Android devices. The Tiles interface is unique; and studies have shown that after just a few hours of getting used to the new interface, the wide majority of consumers prefer it.

Read the full interview here.

He said the Microsoft brand was well received in Pakistan, and that  Microsoft with Lumia also hoped to expand into the B2B market.

He also confirmed that Microsoft Mobile with its Nokia feature phones still held more than half the feature phone market in Pakistan, and expected this would help Microsoft’s Windows Phone business when these users upgraded.

Thanks Vitor for the tip.

In an interview with The News he noted that sales of Lumia devices in Pakistan tripled in Q1 2015 vs Q4 2014, and that Windows Phones now held the second position ahead of iOS.

When asked what differentiated Lumia handsets he noted:

He noted that in the Near-East and North Africa region Windows Phone sales have doubled sales year on year in a number of countries and that the Lumia 535 was a best selling handset in Pakistan in the $100-$150 segment, and in fact the best selling Lumia ever in the region. Their design is robust, vibrant, colorful, and engineered for optimal efficiency. Microsoft’s next step would be the introduction of the even more affordable Dual-SIM Lumia 430.

“Considering our primary goal is to enhance the growth of the Windows Phone ecosystem through Lumia smartphone activations, it certainly is a great achievement for us and showcases the appetite in Pakistan for a third smartphone ecosystem other than Android and iOS” he said.

While things are not going too well in USA, Windows Phones are seeing good growth in the emerging markets of the world, particularly in Asia, according to Patrick Mercanton, head of marketing for Near-East, North Africa, Levant and Emerging Asia for Microsoft Mobile Devices.

He suggested the tripling of Lumia smartphone activations was a strong indicator that Pakistanis are indeed interested in using another OS and that the introduction of Windows10 with its cross-screens benefits would add momentum to the Windows OS ecosystem overall.


Microsoft Lumia devices offer Nokia’s build quality with the latest Windows OS and interface

60 Minutes Presents: Amazing Kids

Shocked that there is no reliable

early test for the disease, Jack decided he would develop one. It

was part holiday, mostly chess. But one professor, Dr. Every time we think we have a homerun, we

barely get to first base. There’s never been much money in chess, but

Magnus is changing that. You don’t really think twice. So by the time the majority of patients present, they already have tumor

that has spread outside the pancreas. He works out almost every

day…knows he can’t concentrate for what’s often seven hours unless he’s in

shape. Magnus

started getting bored.

When we met 11-year-old, Magdalena

Dutkowska and 12-year-old Joey Hopkins, they were headed to Kenya, inspired by

their first We Day.

Henrik Carlsen: I’m a servant.

And while the test must undergo years of

clinical trials — the biotech industry has already beaten a path to Jack’s


Boy Wonder

It warranted a celebration, of

course, and Magnus got to choose.

© 2014 CBS Interactive Inc. Magnus was playing

brilliantly and he knew it.

[Jack Andraka: So, with me I just

used Google and Wikipedia to find a new way to attack pancreatic cancer. His older sister started to play so he wanted to beat her. So…

Jack holds the patent on his cancer

test and with the help of his patent lawyer is looking to license the

technology to a pharmaceutical company in the next few months. But I thought that was normal.

“I enjoy

it when I see my opponent, you know, really suffering when he knows that I’ve

outsmarted him. But–

Magnus Carlsen: Yeah.

[Jack Andraka: I type this into the


Kids he freed were being pulled back

into servitude, years later, by centuries old culture and traditions shaped by

poverty and illiteracy. And the ripple effect is incredible.

Friedel: I mean, that’s an impolite

term, but it’s probably appropriate.

Morley Safer: Yes, you were.


Jack Andraka: No, actually, no one

has approached me to do, like, an autopsy of my brain yet. He hasn’t really worked yet.

For 50 years, chess was war.

Magnus Carlsen: Yes.

Craig Kielburger: Well, you know,

the average kid probably gives, you know, somewhere between one, maybe five,

maybe $10– over the course of a school. And that you should really be thankful for the things

you have.

Scott Pelley: When we see in the

stadium all those faces of all those kids, how did they get there?

Morley Safer: It’s a no-joke award.

In the past year he has spoken in

Canada, Italy, Australia, Greece, the United Nations and so far four trips to


Henrik Carlsen: Yes.

Simon: –it seems like it’s


Joey Hopkins: I wish she would, but

we can’t even have a dog let alone a goat. And so what that means is

that there’s a really high level of this one protein there and that signals the

presence of pancreatic cancer for me.

What got him into chess? Sibling

rivalry. How do you react to that?

Morley Safer: –a scan, shall we


But Jack decided to find one that

did. But was

Mozart ever asked how he does this? I don’t– I would be very impressed if he

had a good answer to that. He says he’s concentrating not only on this game, but on other games

played by other masters at other times which he might want to draw on now.

Magnus Carlsen: It’s not what it

used to be.

Joey Hopkins: Well, I haven’t seen

my goat in awhile, actually. Because I think what he would say is that just– it

just comes natural to me. They’re exploiting their

mind to the utmost. It is chess. And the same with the chess players. They went to Reykjavik, Iceland which is where

Magnus took a leap into legend when he was matched against Garry Kasparov, the

Russian, considered by many to be the greatest ever. Some professors ripped apart my

procedure completely. And while he now moves in very adult

circles, Jack says when it comes to his future he is just like any other lost

teenager. The traditions of the Masaai people are rich but

their access to water and education is among the poorest in the world.

Simon: Which is what you say?

Henrik Carlsen: He did have a good

memory and the ability to concentrate for hours at the time on the specific


Magnus Carlsen: Yes.

Morley Safer: Clearly neatness does

not count.

But it’s a solitary life. Ten

thousand of them. That

can take hours. We gave him a test.

Scott Pelley: That’s amazing.

Scott Pelley: How many of you think

you’re going to go to university? Everybody. But, when we went overseas with Kielburger, he told us freeing

children was much more complicated than he had first imagined.

The way to keep that promise, he

decided, was to attack hardship and ignorance — the very roots of slavery.

Today, Free the Children’s work can be seen in 45 countries.  A $40 million a year charity building

schools, providing clean water, and connecting local craftsmen to world

markets–where their traditions bring in good money. The Kenyans got a new

classroom, but it was the American kids who learned, they can be the change in

the world.  

Simon: This is war, isn’t it?

Morley Safer: As if you had Playboy

Magazine right?

Jack Andraka: Yes, yes, it did.

And so, he says, does Magnus. And that’s part of a youth

self-identity in the world. And I

actually got 199 rejections out of those. Let’s see where all this all goes.”

Simon: Who’s your favorite chess


Working the crowds of academics and

checking out Cambridge University. You can be a genius, but if

you don’t have the creativity to put that knowledge to use, then you just have

a bunch of knowledge and nothing else. To see that some of

those same kids would end up back in the same grinding, backbreaking, desperate

poverty, there is nothing that makes your heart fall more than that.

Frederic Friedel: He has a very deep

understanding of chess.

Turned out 11 friends wanted to

help. Anirban Maitra: Well, it’s not

every day that you get an email from a 15 year old that comes with a detailed

protocol with methods and supplies and what pitfalls you might run into, and I

said, “Maybe I’ll get you a corner in my lab and we’ll have one of the

post doctoral fellows supervising you. Anirban Maitra, finally said yes.”

Marc Kielburger: Just like you coming

together and taking action.

And he’s become a regular at the

White House — four visits this year alone. They’re all chess players, of course. People walk past

pennies all the time and ignore them, think they– they’re insignificant. As a test, it is still a very long way off and the

reason for that is because such a test cannot be marketed unless it has been

validated in large clinical trials. His name was Bobby Fischer. But he is the star as celebrated in this world as Eli

Manning is in his.

The following is a script from “60 Minutes Presents: Amazing Kids” which aired on Feb. We Day is just the beginning. Sponsors are lining up to endorse him. I think he is brilliant.

Magnus Carlsen: Yeah, yeah.

Jack Andraka: It’s pretty insane. He says his curiosity was

piqued by Jack’s proposal. But I answered all of them.

“I essentially had to

send them my budget, my procedure, my timeline and materials list. Magnus will go on a stroll now and then. We didn’t have schools and projects and offices around

the world. It seems to come from some

other world, which is why he’s known as the Mozart of chess.

Morley Safer: I don’t know why I’m

laughing. He’s making

about a million and a half dollars a year.

Craig Kielburger was a child when he

noticed the needs of the world. And the number of

possible moves? Infinite. With no money to start with, no wealthy parents or early backers, they

met in his living room and started a charity called Free The


Jack Andraka: I swear, she has,

like, eyes on the back of her head or something. Tens upon tens of millions of dollars

every year for our projects. Their parents

believe the less they know about what goes on down there the better.

Scott Pelley: What are you gonna

tell the kids back at school about the experience here? What do they need to


Craig Kielburger: There were points

frankly where there was a frustration, anger and maybe a slight desire to throw

in the towel, but never a consideration of it seriously. It’s what I do.

“…when I was watching the recent film about Bobby Fischer I was

thinking, you know, is this going to be me in a few years? I don’t think that’s

going to happen. Like, we’re– instead of, like, talking about football, we have,

like, all these science magazines all scattered throughout our house. I do. It’s

don’t blow up the house. But, like,

maybe later on an autopsy. And that cannot be done in a small lab.

That cannot be done by a 15-year-old, but that does not detract in any way from

the remarkable achievement of this young man. Maybe. Pure, unadulterated,

adolescent joy.

To learn more about pancreatic

cancer, go to Pancreatic

Cancer Action Network

Simon: Bobby Fischer?

Craig Kielburger: You know, probably

the lowest moment ever was the first time in Southeast Asia, when we met

children who we had freed before who are back in slavery. Maitra says a test of this kind that could detect pancreatic cancer in its

earliest stage could save thousands of lives.

Craig Kielburger: Oh, that adds up

to millions and millions of dollars. But I know what my response is going to be anyway. It’s one of the

amazing things in chess that you can– you don’t really need the board. President.” And then, “Hello,

First Lady.” It’s just like it’s crazy. And starve– kids starving, like, that are

five or four years old is a real thing. There is nothing like a PSA test or a

colonoscopy or a mammogram that you can get for the pancreas at this point in


Morley Safer: They say that,

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” And it seems that

you’ve been doing all work.

[Malcolm Pein: The world number one

player from Norway, Magnus Carlsen.]

Jack Andraka: A scan. But

Dr. No big deal.

Craig Kielburger: Kids are looking

to get involved. His test idea has made him a star

speaker at medical conferences all over the world. There is such a responsibility to make sure that money gets to

where it’s supposed to go.

Morley Safer: Now, the actual

testing on people or animals, I gather you’re not interested in doing that?

Simon: Is this an indication of


Joey Hopkins: What they need to know

is that poverty is a real thing. Because that first

trip I took before I sat down with Ed Bradley and that first 60 Minutes episode

that was a turning point in our lives. A fair number of grandmasters have gone mad, which is what

happened to Bobby Fischer in his later years.

Sharon: It means a lot to me.

Because, at first, I could not even talk to people like you now.  Now, 190 students are enrolled.

 Among them Sharon, Naiomi, Faith and Marcella.

Scott Pelley: Sharon, let me start

with you. And he did not win. Maitra — who has seen so many promising ideas flame out when it comes to

pancreatic cancer –urges caution. But he did not exude confidence or happiness.

Jack’s family is pretty laid back

about his success. Magnus comes out on top.

Magnus Carlsen: Yeah. But really I don’t think it’s that I’m really smart.

I mean, I know people that are way smarter than me. But, you know, it made me think a little bit that, you know, I

have to be aware of this, at least.”

Steve Andraka: Pretty much. I mean, probably if you see them

at work, they’re not smiling or having an easy time. He arrives with

his constant companion, his father. And

that’s you know, when I was watching the recent film about Bobby Fischer I was

thinking, you know, is this going to be me in a few years? I don’t think that’s

going to happen. Jack Andraka: “Me?”

Simon: Do you enjoy it when you see

your opponent squirm?

The spectators seem as mesmerized as

the competitors. In some countries it

is compulsory.

Kasparov had never played anyone so

young. And in an era where, you know adults

often are looking for meaning and purpose in their lives, kids also want to

assert who they are, not just by the videogames they play or the peer groups

they belong to, but by the contribution they make. Go figure.

Simon: You got it wrong.

Kids: We are.]

Simon: You enjoy the games?

Magnus Carlsen: It was played right here

in London. Masih escaped to lead a campaign against servitude. He then convinced an

eminent cancer researcher to let him use his lab to develop his theory — all

before he even had a license to drive. Magnus has one. He is a 23-year-old Norwegian who reigns supreme in a sport that is

played by 500 million people. Kielburger put down the newspaper and rose to speak.

“Kids are looking

to get involved.

Jack Andraka: Yes.

Jack Andraka: Yeah.

[Jack Andraka: So, what I see in the

future of medical diagnostics is a shift from the symptom base to more of a

diagnostic antibodies based approach, such as a sensor.]

Craig Kielburger: When a child

donates their birthday money, there is an incredible responsibility that comes

with that to make sure– we have kids who have walked up to us and handed us a

piggy bank. I

mean, you see Barack Obama.

Friedel: Of genius and raw talent.

Now, Magnus has– still hasn’t reached his peak.

Simon: Boy, when you look at him,

when I look at him, “enjoyment” is not the word that comes to mind. I was, like, freaking

out. Some professors ripped apart my

procedure completely. He began probing

the Internet for everything he could find about pancreatic cancer biomarkers.

He read research articles during class and in the middle of biology while stealthily

reading a medical journal he says inspiration hit.

Joey Hopkins: I was just standing

there with my goat that they gave me.

Magnus Carlsen: Uh-huh (affirm).

Joey Hopkins and Magdalena Dutkowska raised

enough money back in Connecticut to join other volunteers to build a new

classroom here.  Each year 2400 kids lend

their hands overseas.

You can feel that

ripple in the Free the Children celebrations that Kielberger calls “We Day.” He

does as many as 13 of these a year and when we came to this one in Vancouver

there were 20,000 kids. Between matches he is alone in his

hotel room getting ready for tomorrow’s game. Andraka, what is this?” and, like,

snatches it out of my hand. Like, it was working amazingly.

Because it was passing all of these preliminary tests. I was intimidated.

By the time they cut the ribbon it

was hard for us to figure which kids had gained the most. You can

just keep it–

Kielburger is joined on stage every

We Day by his older brother Marc, who manages the financial side of Free The


It was speed chess, the formula one

of the sport, a race against the clock.

Morley Safer: You’re still in high

school, correct?

Scott Pelley: When the bake sale

money comes in and the piggy bank money comes in and you count that up, what’s

it come to?

Jack Andraka: And what it comes up

with is I could be going through cocaine withdrawal, I have cancer or I could

be pregnant. Many people don’t think of it as a

sport because its players don’t move very much. So

what that means in practice is we inspire kids.

Jack Andraka: Well, the reason I

still bother with high school is because of my mom. Because I’ve seen

them. I enjoy

it when I see my opponent, you know, really suffering when he knows that I’ve

outsmarted him. Low pressure, and a high sense of humor.

Morley Safer: I gather the rule of

the house is don’t burn down the house and don’t kill yourself?

Magnus Carlsen: Wow.

Magdalena Dutkowska: Yes.

Jack Andraka: Yeah, yeah. The teacher was not amused.

Magnus Carlsen: Yes. And when you make a promise, you have to fulfill it.

Jack easily maintains a 4.0 GPA in

school despite a spotty attendance record. Can they really make a difference?

But when you bring enough young people, enough kids together, then suddenly

those kids can change the world.

A high level of mesothelin in a

patient’s blood sample may indicate the first stages of pancreatic cancer. Like a modern day Rocky, this self-described science

geek took the stage and $100,000 in prize money. Kasparov left quickly. If I lose just one game, then usually, you know, I just want to

really get revenge.

Dr. So when news broke

that a test had been developed that might detect early pancreatic cancer, the

research world not only took notice, it went into shock for the test hadn’t

been developed by some renowned cancer research institute, but by a boy wonder,

a 15-year-old high school freshman named Jack Andraka. In 1972, he took on the

Russian champion Boris Spassky and he won. And over the

years, 60 Minutes has encountered some amazing kids with amazing gifts in the

most unlikely places.  Tonight, we revisit three of them, beginning with a

story that Morley Safer reported in October about a very young scientist

investigating pancreatic cancer. 

Jack Andraka: And I’m just taking

out one single drop of blood here.

Jack Andraka: My family isn’t the

typical family.

And they may have reason for


Magnus Carlsen: Yeah. She sees me.

 Chess is now routinely taught in

schools all over the world, including the United States. Iqbal Masih was a slave in a carpet

factory. It was a change so profound that, through Kielburger,

it has now saved and transformed other lives all around the globe. 2, 2014. 


evening, I’m Scott Pelley and this is 60 Minutes Presents.

And now a university education will

be open to more students because after three weeks here, a new classroom was

built by the kids of Free The Children. I went to my

family– I went with my family and had some ice cream at McDonald’s.


Jack Andraka

He says the test — which costs Jack

three cents a strip to make — is remarkably elegant in its simplicity. It was a sensation.

Magnus’s father, Henrik, didn’t

think that was terribly unusual.


cancer is one of the most

aggressive and deadly cancers, in part because often by the time it is

diagnosed the disease has spread to other parts of the body. And I

actually got 199 rejections out of those. No “nice

game, kid.” Nothing.

We followed that bake sale money

back to St. And a

chess fan. Why not me?]

Dr. And I just wouldn’t give

up. And how did Magnus

prepare? By reading up.

Jack Andraka: See how it’s

increased? It’s increased by about two times here. And in an era where, you know adults

often are looking for meaning and purpose in their lives, kids also want to

assert who they are, not just by the videogames they play or the peer groups

they belong to, but by the contribution they make.”

Chess can be taught, but not genius.

Magnus seemed like a normal enough kid growing up outside Oslo, but wait a

minute when he was five he could name almost all the countries in the world and

their capitals and their populations.

Morley Safer: You’ve also become a

heavy-duty celebrity?

People lined up in shopping malls to

play him. Why me? Because I’ve met those children. Then we give them all the tools

they need to learn about these issues: speaking tours, summer leadership camps,

curriculum every week. Free The Children recruits

through schools, almost turning them into chapters of the global organization.

Magnus Carlsen: Yeah, I got him.

Magnus Carlsen is now the highest rated

chess player of all time and, last November, he won the world chess

championship, the first Westerner to have done so since American Bobby Fischer in


Jack Andraka: So I did some

preliminary studies, however one thing I don’t wanna do is end up as a lab rat.

I kind of want to be able to come up with a new idea and then really just move

on to the next idea, and have other people do the repetitive trials.

Kid #1: Bobby Fischer.

Craig Kielburger: We’re talking

about labor and the exploitation of children. Worldwide, a hundred thousand are watching on

their computers. The match will last four hours and there will be

no breaks.

By the time he was nineteen, the boy

with the ice cream had become number one in the world. Shouldn’t this be a good thing?

His parents say he has been obsessed

with science since he was a toddler, conducting experiments even as a 3-

year-old. And they’re there. The best players need extraordinary endurance, so most of them

are young. In that

moment, 19 years ago, Craig Kielburger was struck by

a profound truth –something as important as changing the world can’t be left

to grown ups.

Morley Safer: What exactly are you

doing now?

Jack Andraka: Yeah, President Barack

Obama. He

thought he had blown it.


caught up with him at the London Chess Classic in 2011. But within two

years he was silenced. If I lose just one game, then usually, you know, I just want to

really get revenge.”

Simon: Is there anything in life

more satisfying than that feeling when you’re playing brilliantly?

Magnus Carlsen: No. And that not everyone

has a proper education. And he seemed to be interested in a lot of things. Maybe you

have to compare it to a writer or a painter. He is facing the other way. His opponent is given

three minutes to make his moves. The Mara offers nearly

every wonder of East Africa.

Magnus Carlsen: Yes. New things all the

time. There are two million volunteers nearly all of them under the age of 18.

Morley Safer: Why bother?

Bob Simon: That’s the most amazing

thing I’ve ever seen. It’s no question.

Scott Pelley: What are some of the

things that didn’t work out? What have you learned?

Between speaking engagements and the

occasional appearance at school, Jack is back in the lab working on new

diagnostic and environmental tests.

Craig Kielburger: You can’t buy a

ticket to We Day. At the

beginning of this I didn’t even know I had a pancreas. Ann’s school in Bridgeport, Conn. It is placed in an apparatus that

Jack built in his parents’ garage.

. I mean hopefully something in science

I’ll be in.

Simon: You see, mem– your memory


Morley Safer: Well, where does that

stand right now?

Simon: You like Magnus!

Simon: You were intimidated by

playing the world’s champion when you were already 13 years old?

While years of clinical trials must

be done, there is no FDA approved test that can reliably measure mesothelin.

Dr. Which he

did, quickly.

And this is one of the places that

Kielburger set out to change, the Masaai Mara in Kenya. I sa– I s– “Jack, isn’t that a little far-fetched?

[Jack Andraka, TED conference: I was

sitting in class and suddenly it hit me.]

Simon: Do you ever think about that?

Craig Kielburger: Why not? If

everyone in the world could say, “Why me?” — then nothing ever would

be accomplished. Because I read the story of Iqbal Masih. And hopefully I’ll be doing work that will help change the world.

The Mozart of ChessMagnus-Carlsen_1280.jpg

Magnus Carlsen

The paper strip is coated with a

carbon substance that attracts mesothelin. But

it’s really, you know, up there.

Simon: I’ve heard him described as

lazy, which I find quite extraordinary.

 Just look at what he is doing:

competing against 10 players simultaneously. I don’t know the month or day.

[President Obama: Where’s Jack?

There he is…Jack stand up.]

Henrik Carlsen: It should. It was

a battleground in the Cold War with the Russians who were dominant. Because for me going to the lab is pretty much play, I mean, it’s

the funnest thing ever.

Simon: When you travel with Magnus,

what’s your role?

Kasparov started slow.

But these days Jack doesn’t have

much time for messing in the basement. He talked to classmates, to Congress, to Parliament. Anirban Maitra was a professor

of oncology at Johns Hopkins University and now heads pancreatic cancer

research at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. Here’s a problem. Anirban Maitra, finally said yes.

Scott Pelley: Leave it here? Don’t


Ed Bradley: But what made you think

you could do something about it?

Joey Hopkins: Yeah.

Morley Safer: An encouraging yes?

How did Magnus react? Guess.

We Day’s feature acts like Nelly

Furtado, Jennifer Hudson, and lectures by activists including Nobel Peace Prize

winner Desmond Tutu. Our bet that we’re making is if you give kids the

inspiration and the tools to change the world, it’ll change their own lives

also in the process. Magnus will play against eight other

top-ranked players. So I’ll just

walk off and watch the other games.”

Jack Andraka: It was like,

“This idea might work.” And he starts interrogating me kind of firing

questions, trying to sink my procedure in a way. A movement that happens all year long.

Children Helping Childrenchildren-main.jpg


Morley Safer: When you won the Intel

Award– your reaction went viral on the Internet, correct?

Sharon: One and a half years.

Morley Safer: What do they do down


[Jack Andraka in London: Earlier

this year…]

[Volunteer: Are we ready for We Day?

Jane Andraka: Who wants tea…?

But that level of concentration is

not danger free. So I miss it, but I’m going to have to leave it

here in Kenya.

Magnus Carlsen: Not ’59?

For information on Free The

Children, click


Scott Pelley: There is so much

trouble in the world.

Jack’s test detects an unusually high level of mesothelin, a

protein that the body produces in pancreatic cancer’s early — and most

treatable — stage. These are kids who have

done, you know, bake sales and car washes and volunteered at retirement homes

and local support lines and they’ve started their own charities and when they

leave, they bring that inspiration.

Kid #2: Yeah.

Jack Andraka’s journey from suburban

Baltimore high school freshman to cancer researcher began at age 14 when a

family friend died of pancreatic cancer. A penny is almost like a kid.

Including this address he gave to

the renowned Royal Society of Medicine about his test and the problems with

current cancer diagnostics.

For the next seven months after

school and on weekends, Jack’s mother would drop him off at the lab where he

learned basic lab techniques and worked on developing his cancer test.

Jack Andraka: Well, I would say all

play no work. They’re searching for it.

Magnus Carlsen: I don’t know. A lot of people, you know, are

like, “We don’t train middle schoolers.”

Last year, Luke cooked up some

nitroglycerin just to see if he could.

After Jack decided to cultivate E.

coli just for the fun of it on the kitchen stove, his parents insisted that he

and his older brother, Luke, use the basement as their lab. So

after doing some research, I just walked to my classmates and said,

“Listen, I read this article.

Scott Pelley: So how do you save the

world on that kind of money?

Simon: It’s pretty good.

Scott Pelley: At the point that you

saw that your original big idea wasn’t working, why didn’t you throw in the


Luke Andraka: They were a little


Jack Andraka: So essentially what

this is, is it’s one of my strips and what you do is you first get an original

measurement of how the electricity flows across it. Simpson’s on the Strand in 1859. And, like, me and her are screaming in the car. Do you have any idea how extraordinary this looks to–

Jack Andraka: I essentially had to

send them my budget, my procedure, my timeline and materials list.

It’s what he does for fun, too. School for him was so easy his parents tried to keep him engaged by

encouraging science projects at home. It’s just a friendly match.

But Magnus always hates to lose so he doesn’t.

Chess players are pretty pokerfaced.

But occasionally Magnus will flash the smile of someone who knows it’s all over

but the handshake while Nakamura dives deeper into doom. This is what I know”

– which at that point was not very much — and asked, ‘Who wants to help?’

Frederic Friedel’s company, Chess

Base, publishes the world’s most popular chess program.

Scott Pelley: You’ve learned this

much English in one and a half years?

Luke Andraka: And I was just

interested to see could I make it down here? And it worked.

Magnus Carlsen: When I actually got

to winning position I had little time, I was nervous, and I couldn’t finish him


Then he started winning tournaments.

Before long, he became a celebrity, one of the first Norwegians to excel in a

sport that did not involve snow.

Bob Simon: But it transcends chess.

I mean, I just can’t fathom what you’ve just done. That first trip, I made promises to a

lot of kids there that at that time there was almost nothing that Free the

Children could do in practice. Yep, I do play grownups.

In fact, I’m getting the hang of playing grownups.

Kid #1: Yeah.

Magnus Carlsen: I sat there for a

few seconds and then I thought to myself, “You know what? I don’t know why

he’s thinking.

Simon: People have described you as

the Mozart of Chess. What does this school mean to you?

Dr. But Craig Kielburger discovered it early.  He was in 7th grade when

the death of a boy changed his life.

A stand-up physician. As a 12-year-old in Canada he read about the

murder of a boy his age in Pakistan. Any kid can earn their way in for whatever cause they care

about. Magnus was a child prodigy, he became a grandmaster at the age of 13

and then became the youngest player ever to be ranked No. But, you know, it made me think a little bit that, you know, I

have to be aware of this, at least.

Simon: ’51.

Jane Andraka: Could you study here?

Simon: You got him?

[Magnus Carlsen: Why does – why do

all people want to talk to little me?]

At the end of the project, the

Masaai honored Magdalena and Joey with a celebration and a traditional gift.

It also drew the attention of the

FBI who they say sent a letter letting them know that their Internet purchasing

history had been noted by the feds.

CBS News

 This is Jack Andraka as he beats out

1,500 contestants and wins the grand prize at the Intel International Science

Fair with his invention. And the only thing I could promise them at that point was that I

would share their stories with whoever would listen. She really, like, “You

have to do high school and you have to go to college.” but they’re being

kind of lenient with me right now.

Craig Kielburger: So Free the

Children today is the world’s largest network of children helping children. I was just like, “Wow.” Our

like– we did this and we gave this new education to these kids and now they

are so grateful for it. I did not

understand English well. I want to come home and have a place to live. I do. So

he has to keep track of the positions of 320 pieces blind. Then when I won, I was just flabbergasted. He couldn’t

understand why people were making such a fuss.

Simon: Why were you nervous?

Craig Kielburger: Originally, I didn’t

think I could, really. Magnus says he wouldn’t be able to tolerate this life if it weren’t for

his father who is always there for him.

Magdalena Dutkowska: We Day is like

the biggest thing in the world, it’s like the greatest event that could ever

happen and so it’s just all these important people coming to one day to one

event to talk about how we can change the world. There were

early successes. That’s maybe $1,500 around–

He believes that one day his

invention will be in every doctor’s office and even on pharmacy shelves. Kind

of like kids. But chess masters will tell you

it can be more brutal than boxing. That’s because, at the championship

level, the objective is not just to win, but to demolish your opponent. It’s called Bullet chess and Magnus has a handicap. That, in itself, is not

extraordinary. I finally go out and rush into my mom’s

car. With two students at each desk this

classroom will hold about 50.

Today, Magnus is playing America’s

number one, Hikaru Nakamura. He is playing a Norwegian grandmaster

here. And I run out and pretty

much, like, screaming around the lab. And not only is it good for the child, my God, our

world needs it.

When he told his parents Steve and

Jane Andraka about his project they weren’t exactly encouraging.

And the enthusiasm has not waned.

Back in London, just down the corridor from where Magnus is playing, 500

novices are learning how to master kings and queens.

Jack Andraka: Finally, one day in

March, I realized this was actually working. So if I could do


Scott Pelley: How long have you been

in this school?

Magnus’s parents took him and his

sisters out of school for a year, rented out their house, sold their car.

Morley Safer: President Barack


Steve Andraka: My reaction wasn’t a

good one. Half local, half global. To call him

“precocious” is an understatement as our own Ed Bradley found out in


This 15-year-old has all the

confidence of a physician. I’m just

like– it was just a science article.

Scott Pelley: What are you going to

do with the goat?

Jane Andraka: I don’t really know

’cause I don’t go down there much.

Craig Kielburger: We Day isn’t just

a day. They’re searching for it. I’m just like, “Hello, Mr. When he won, Magnus said it was just a game, no big deal. So he went to Asia recruiting activists and

government authorities to bust child sweatshops and sex traffickers. I was just like, “What?”

Kid #1: Yes. And those patients typically don’t do

very well. Anirban Maitra: Pancreatic

cancer is a very humbling disease. I mean, like, then you’re just as good

as my smartphone.

CBS News

 Magnus Carlsen is the best in the

world. The suspense keeps building until end game by which time, it’s


Sharon: Yes.

Morley Safer: It’s remarkable what

you’ve achieved and kind of what you’ve come up with.

Kid #2: And I like Magnus Carlsen.

[Ed Bradley: Why you?

Scott Pelley: –think your mother

would like to have it back in Connecticut?

Jane Andraka: And I know that when

you’re 14 you can’t just run out and get a lab. We Day is a movement.

Except when he’s not. It’s just–

Jack Andraka: I actually have no

clue what I want to do when I grow up. Magnus

played him to a draw.

Kasparov kept the 13-year-old kid

waiting for half an hour and when he did arrive, he didn’t even say hello.

CBS News

 Some people devote their lives to

causes greater than themselves.  And for many that devotion comes late in

life. But Magnus cannot see the boards. Over the course of four months he prepared a test protocol for his theory

and sent it out to 200 cancer researchers. But one professor, Dr. Anirban Maitra: He did hone into

the most important missing aspect in terms of pancreatic cancer, which is we

don’t really have good early detection. If they weren’t, it

would be like watching paint dry. But listen to what happens when Kielburger takes the



no age requirement when it comes to talent, initiative or ability. But the only way we’re going to ever find out is try.

Jack Andraka: I wasn’t expecting any

awards there. It was an international spectacle. And then, of course, I

have school the next day. Have

the brain men come to talk to you and want to figure you out?

[Kids: I need the one with the

chocolate chips…]

In the 1990′s, Kielburger wanted to

free children from slavery. But then an

American came along. All Rights Reserved. And she storms up

to my desk and is like, “Mr. Magnus plays

soccer whenever he can break away from the board, he’s got a mean backhand and

he is also moonlighting as a model.

And over the last 12 years, 150 schools have been built in Kenya.

This one was finished in 2010. And we

talk about them at dinner.

Simon: Do you ever play any


Magnus Carlsen: I was playing

Kasparov. That not everyone in the world can just

go downstairs, turn on the tap, and get a glass of water. .

.at the Oslo chess club where he started. 1 in the world. 

And yet, as Bob Simon first reported two years ago, if you ask him to explain how

he does what he does, Magnus will tell you he can’t. But his mind won’t be going


He made Iqbal Masih’s fight, his

own. But now, this school has helped me a lot to know more

English and gain more confidence.

Jack Andraka: I have enough data to

prove that this works, and so now I’m going to give it to the pharmaceutical

companies to run it through, like, clinical trials and stuff. Magnus is

on the road two hundred days a year now

Prairie Band Casino & Resort Chooses Agilysys Solution Suite | Reuters

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Stratton Warren System is a full-featured inventory and procurement

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Beth McClure, 805-692-6356

About Agilysys

Prairie Band Casino Resort opened January 1998 and is owned and

operated by the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation. Features of the system include budget

tracking, business intelligence functionality, automated email bid

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“Casino hotels that want to beat the competition must leverage

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Recognized as a leading inventory and procurement application in the

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. Each of

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“We needed technology designed to handle a busy hotel and casino

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Resort. The

company specializes in market-leading point-of-sale, property

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Prairie Band Casino Resort Chooses Agilysys Solution Suite

Resort to Implement

Property Management, POS, Inventory and

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Inc. It is located on tribal

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Agilysys is a leading developer and marketer of proprietary enterprise

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software solutions and services, today announced that Prairie Band

Casino Resort in Mayetta, Kan., has selected a comprehensive software

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point-of-sale and inventory and procurement

Spanish police raid clandestine casino where illegal gambling tournaments were held in Madrid

Investigators received tip-offs from legitimate casinos and began surveillance on an underground location in downtown Madrid where people were received by porters.

MADRID –  Spanish police say they have dismantled a clandestine casino in Madrid where illegal gambling tournaments allegedly took place concealed behind the facade of an establishment purporting to be a smoking club.

Once inside the building, the alleged gamblers — who needed to arrive with an invitation — were escorted through two security doors equipped with an airlock and down to gaming rooms.

One had eight card-game tables while the other had two and was reserved for “VIP gamblers” attended by hostesses.

Police said Thursday that they identified 100 people, and seized cash and equipment, when they raided the establishment, without specifying when the operation took place.

Are ‘Mini-Nukes’ The New Big Thing?

Last May, he and Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed to slash their active arsenals by nearly two-thirds, to 1700 to 2200 warheads each, within 10 years. Five people watching the surf from Hurricane Bill were swept out to sea at Acadia National Park in Maine. “If you were to have a problem with a weapon system that you needed to rectify using a test, you would want to be able to do that faster,” J. Two had been recovered and three were still missing as of 5 p.m.

However, the administration is paying increasing attention to the possibility that it might at some point have to resume testing if there were a question about the reliability of the nation’s stockpile. “Unless we do a lot more research and development and we find some quantum breakthrough in conventional systems, to go deep is going to require a nuclear capability.”

Last year, the U.S. policy on nuclear weapons, which has included:

Bunker busters — For the second year in a row, the Energy Department is requesting $15 million to study the need for a Robust Nuclear Earth Penetrator (RNEP).

Supporters say these weapons might be necessary to deal with so-called “hard and deeply buried targets” in rogue states and terrorist camps, of which there might be 10,000 in the world.

“One way you ensure that there are no safe havens is to be able to go deep,” said Armed Services Committee chairman Rep. In the modern U.S. arsenal. Crouch, the assistant secretary of Defense for International Security Policy, said in a briefing last year.

By Jarrett Murphy

But the administration says smaller nuclear arms may eventually be needed to deal with the emerging threat of rogue states hoarding weapons of mass destruction.

A memo obtained by a British newspaper indicates that at a conference this summer, Defense and Energy department officials will consider questions like: “What is the uncertainty in confidence and potential risk threshold for a test recommendation–what would demand a test?”

The Little Boy bomb dropped on Hiroshima delivered around 15 kilotons.

But some members of Congress believe conventional weapons could do the same job, and worry that mini-nukes would blur the line between conventional and nuclear weapons. According to Sen. conducted its last nuclear test in 1992, and while the White House opposes the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty — which the U.S. Duncan Hunter, R.-Calif., last May. Defense officials said in 2002 that at present, the U.S could go from the decision to test to a trial run in two to three years. According to the Los Alamos National Laboratory, the move “restores the nation’s ability to make nuclear weapons,” and was needed so the Energy Department could replace pits found unsafe or destroyed through regular check-ups.

The move to clear the legal hurdles on manufacturing mini-nukes is part of a broad review of U.S. spent more in real terms on atomic defense activities than since 1962.

Strategy — In its Nuclear Posture Review last year, the administration identified Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, North Korea as countries where “contingencies” could arise that U.S. D. Other efforts include developing lasers and computers to simulate aspects of nuclear tests.

Nuclear Stockpiles: President Bush has agreed to dramatic reductions in the number of nuclear weapons in the U.S. development of low-yield nuclear weapons.

The Bush administration may get permission to create kinder, gentler or at least smaller nuclear weapons if Congress overturns a ban on doing so.

The defense appropriations bill now winding its way through the Hill contains a clause revoking the 1993 Spratt-Furse amendment, which prohibits the development of so-called “low-yield” nuclear weapons – bombs that pack a punch of less than five kilotons.

Copyright 2003 CBS. has signed but not ratified — the administration says it has no plans to conduct a test.

At the same time, however, last month the United States produced a plutonium pit — the core of a fission bomb — for the first time in 14 years. Nelson.

The Foster Panel, which studied the testing issue last year, recommended improvements that would allow a test within three months to a year of deciding to do so. A bomb of just one kiloton, detonated 30 meters below the earth, can open a crater wider than a football field, according to Princeton physicist Robert W. All rights reserved.

CAROUSEL – People watch as water breaches a rock wall at Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia, Canada, Sunday, August 23, 2009. wants to stop proliferation.’s Jarrett Murphy takes a look at the prospects for the U.S. ET Sunday.

AP Photo/Canadian Press/Tim Krochak

“How can we effectively seek to dissuade others from developing nuclear weapons while we are going forward with the development of new nuclear weapons ourselves?” Sen. Others contend that making more bombs is a bad idea if the U.S. Edward Kennedy, the administration has budgeted $700 million for studying how testing might resume. arsenal, the submarine-launched Mk-5 holds eight W88 warheads of 475 kilotons each.

But some experts contend that no bomb of any size could go very deep, because the heavier the bomb, the harder the impact — and the harder the impact, the more likely the bomb would explode before it reached sufficient depth.

Testing — The U.S. — did not prohibit designing a testing device with a yield below five kilotons, modifying an existing weapon for safety reasons or conducting research and development necessary “to address proliferation concerns.”. “nuclear strike capabilities” must be geared towards, according to a leaked copy of the report.

The 1993 low-yield ban that the current defense bill would delete stated that “it shall be the policy of the United States not to conduct research and development which could lead to the production by the United States of a new low-yield nuclear weapon, including a precision low-yield warhead.”

Announcing its approval of the bill Friday, the Senate Armed Services committee stressed that nothing in the repeal means it has authorized “the testing, acquisition, or deployment of a low-yield nuclear weapon.”

The ban — named after sponsors Elizabeth Furse, D-Ore., retired, and John Spratt, D-S.C. Dianne Feinstein, a California Democrat, asked recently.

“Nuclear weapons have a unique ability to destroy both agent containers and (Chemical and Biological Weapons),” reads a 2001 Pentagon study.

A kiloton is equal to the explosive force of one thousand tons of TNT

Who’s the boss? – Free Online Library

All rights reserved.

Hearts Csaba Laszlo Very ambitious with his eyes on challenging the

Old Firm Record P41 W17 L12 D12

St Mirren Gus MacPherson Tough talker who will want to improve the

Buddies’ scoring record Record P242 W88 L85 D69

Kilmarnock Jim Jefferies Plenty of experience and can find a gem in

the transfer market Record P305 W112 L133 D60


Dundee United boss Craig Levein

Dundee United Craig Levein Has produced a decent attacking side

with good youngsters Record P118 W46 L38 D34

Hamilton Billy Reid Great at guiding young players through, but has

lost key men Record P181 W79 L57 D45

Hibernian John Hughes Top quality passing is promised at Easter

Road by ex-Hibs favourite Record New manager

Rangers Walter Smith Bags of experience with achievements that are

the envy of his rivals Record P136 W86 L21 D29


Dundee United boss Craig Levein

Celtic Tony Mowbray Should bring attractive football to Parkhead,

but the pressure is on Record New manager

Falkirk Eddie May Will have his work cut out to prove he is more

than a cheap option Record New manager

St Johnstone Derek McInnes Young boss with a squad desperate to

prove themselves Record P73 W32 L14 D27


No portion of this article can be reproduced without the express written permission from the copyright holder.

Motherwell Jim Gannon This is step up from Stockport and McGhee is

a tough act to follow Record New manager

Aberdeen Mark McGhee Will be hoping to galvanise the Dons like he

did Motherwell Record New manager

Copyright 2009 Gale, Cengage Learning

Sandia drops nuclear warhead … in the name of safety

The shock and vibration data will be used to update its design specifications for later modifications and to simulate other accidents that might occur, but have not been tested in real life.

The United States hasn’t fielded a new nuclear weapon since 1988 and its deterrent arsenal is the oldest in the world. As part of the US government’s Life Extension Program (LEP) for its nuclear arsenal, the inert W88 ALT 370 warhead was dropped from a crane in New Mexico onto a slab of concrete to test the updated design’s safety.

The W88 is one of the United State’s primary nuclear weapons. Its purpose was to see if the warhead could remain safe after a fall similar to one that might occur during a loading or shipping accident. In real life, there would be no chance of a nuclear explosion, and the warhead would not be expected to function afterward, but there is concern that radioactive or toxic materials might be exposed should the warhead’s casing crack.

The purpose of the tests was to determine how well the modifications to the warhead work, as well as gathering data for computer modeling for further updates and simulations of various accident scenarios. In order to ensure that the current inventory of warheads remain safe and effective for another 20 to 30 years, the National Nuclear Security Administration is carrying out a program of inspecting, refurbishing, and updating the stockpile. In the first test, the Critical Radar Arming and Fuzing Test (CRAFT), an unarmed W88 was launched in June by a Trident II missile from an Ohio-class nuclear submarine with the goal of seeing how the radar operated at hypersonic re-entry speeds, which generate ionized plasma that can interfere with radar.

Source: Sandia. With a yield of 475 kilotons, it’s designed to be small enough for as many as 14 to be fitted in a MIRV configuration atop a Trident II missile, though only eight are carried on each launcher under the terms of the Strategic Offensive Reductions Treaty.

Sandia says that this is the first drop test conducted on a W88 warhead since 1988. As part of this effort, Sandia carried out a series of tests this year on the W88′s radar arming and fusing system, as well as drop tests to simulate a loading accident involving the warhead.

The second test was conducted in July at Sandia’s 85-foot Drop Tower Facility.

Sandia and its partners are currently evaluating the results from both sets of tests, though the company says that the radar functioned as expected.

Dropping a nuclear warhead may not seem like a particularly bright idea, but earlier this year Sandia National Laboratories did just that

CNN – Report: Stolen data gives China advanced nuclear know-how

EDT (0242 GMT)

According to the Cox report, China penetrated U.S. nuclear arsenal — including those for the MX Peacekeeper and Minuteman III missiles.

WASHINGTON (CNN) — China could begin production of advanced thermonuclear weapons based on stolen U.S.

The sharpest criticism for the theft of U.S. submarine radar technology and illegally obtained secrets about U.S. “To advertise in some cases something about their strength that they want you to know; in other cases, to promote disinformation.”

‘China’s appetite … design information during the next decade, according to a congressional report on Chinese nuclear espionage that will be released officially Tuesday.

The report also reveals allegations that China stole design information about U.S. nuclear secrets is directed toward the Clinton administration and how slowly it reacted when word of the espionage surfaced.

May 24, 1999

Web posted at: 10:42 p.m.

According to investigators, the CIA first learned of the extent of the Chinese espionage in 1995 when a Chinese national approached the agency and turned over a secret Chinese government document.

According to the report, U.S. “Ballistic and space launch programs have long been intertwined.”


Chinese Embassy to the U.S.

Office of the Director of Central Intelligence

Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China

China Today

Department of Energy

Department of Justice

  • Attorney General Janet Reno

The White House

  • National Security Council

  • Biography of Samuel Berger

Los Alamos National Laboratory

“It means that we’re going to be preparing ourselves to defend against American technology used against us,” said Rep. State Department issues travel warning for China

May 10, 1999

“… satellite manufacturers Loral Corp. you can learn a great deal about military matters in the United States,” Cox said.

“What the PRC (People’s Republic of China) has stolen has enabled them to jump over decades of incremental development that were necessary, for example, for the United States,” said Cox.


Chinese knowledge increased by decades

In March, Richardson fired a longtime scientist at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, Wen Ho Lee, because of security violations as well as suspicions of espionage.

Bob Franken and Pierre Thomas contributed to this report.

The report credits Energy Secretary Bill Richardson for making long-needed security improvements to the nation’s vulnerable nuclear labs, run by the Department of Energy.

The CIA later determined that the person who turned over the document worked for Chinese intelligence.

All of the weapons could target the United States.

The report by his committee said “China’s appetite for information and technology appears to be insatiable and the energy devoted to the task enormous.”

Note: Pages will open in a new browser window

‘It’s not good news’

“There are a number of reasons that intelligence services direct information this way,” Cox said. intelligence has determined the technology espionage by the Chinese, dating back to the late 1970s and continuing through the 1980s and ’90s, “has leaped, in a handful of years, from 1950s-era strategic nuclear capabilities to the more modern thermonuclear weapon design.”

Also among the purloined blueprints for weapons of mass destruction: the W-88 warhead, described as “the most sophisticated nuclear weapon the United States has ever built.”

Those weapons “may be tested in 1999 and could be deployed as soon as 2002,” the report states.

“It does make one wonder how it is, how others who possessed this information could so readily have dismissed it, or not acted upon it,” Cox said.

“It’s not good news,” he said. nuclear labs, stealing secrets about the U.S. neutron bomb and every warhead in the U.S. companies seeking waivers to launch satellites on Chinese rockets.

“Some of the most significant thefts have occurred during the last four years,” Cox said.


Shelby: Reno should resign over China espionage probe

May 23, 1999

Report: China benefited from stolen nuclear secrets

May 20, 1999

Congressman calls alleged Chinese spying ‘grave’

May 16, 1999

Sources: Report finds China stole ‘sensitive’ nuclear data

May 14, 1999

Reno defends computer-search caution in Los Alamos case

May 13, 1999

Senate spotlights nuclear security lapses

May 12, 1999

U.S. “The world is a lot less safer today as a consequence of these thefts.”

Details of the Cox report have been trickling out for weeks amid a growing criticism of the Clinton administration’s response to fix the security lapse after it was exposed in 1995.

“In many cases, a little piece of information might seem innocuous, but if you collect enough of them through the so-called matrix technique … insatiable’

Cox also has accused China of obtaining information through the use of “front companies” in the United States — a method he said is “far broader than previously realized.”

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The House investigative committee was formed in the wake of accusations that campaign contributions might have influenced the Clinton administration to give favorable trade treatment to U.S. Such information would likely find its way into the PRC’s ballistic missile program,” the congressional report said. and Hughes Electronics allegedly gave China unauthorized design information. Christopher Cox (R-California), chairman of the House select committee that conducted the year-long investigation.

The report concludes: Chinese “penetration of our national weapons laboratories spans at least the past several decades and almost certainly continues today.”

But following the failures of some of those launches, U.S. missile guidance systems through satellite launch deals with American companies.

“It means that in addition to paying for our own defense, we are actually paying to arm a potential adversary,” Cox said.

Obama proposes shifting funds from nuclear nonproliferation to nuclear weapons | The Center for Public Integrity

Elzea, declined to address the issue in detail but confirmed that “over the past year DOD and DOE carried out a joint study regarding DOD’s nuclear weapons requirements and funding options for those requirements. Not by a long shot.” He also proudly said the government has been “increasing funding, and sustaining it … But Democrats on Capitol Hill and independent arms control groups predicted the decision will provoke controversy and a substantial budget fight this year.

But then-Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, after hearing from aides that these overruns were due in part to poor management and inaccurate cost accounting at DOE, initially said the department would not provide any new funds to DOE, on top of the $4.5 billion it previously promised to cover earlier overruns, according to two government officials privy to the deliberations.

The Obama administration will propose a deep cut in funding for nuclear nonproliferation programs at the Energy Department largely so it can boost the department’s spending to modernize its stockpile of nuclear weapons, according to government officials familiar with the proposed 2014 federal budget to be unveiled Wednesday, April 10.

The Center for Public Integrity has previously reported administration officials had agreed that the number of nuclear warheads the U.S. because our national security depends on it.”

Tom Collina, research director for the Arms Control Association, a Washington-based nonprofit group, said “in a way,” it seems inconsistent for the administration to promote arms control while cutting the DOE’s nonproliferation budget. military deploys could be cut by at least a third, below a limit of 1550 established in a treaty with Russia in 2010. But that still left a $4 billion gap between DOE’s nuclear weapons-related promises to the military and its ability to complete that work, forcing a scramble during the department’s budget deliberations to cut from other programs, officials said.

Asked for comment, NNSA spokesman Robert Middaugh said he could not respond until the budget has been formally released. Sam Nunn, said “the U.S. “If confirmed, I intend to make sure that [DOE laboratories and intelligence experts] … continue to sustain the nation’s nuclear security,” he said, without delving into budgetary issues or specific programs.

As recently as December 3, President Obama described the government’s nuclear nonproliferation efforts – including some directed by the Defense Department – as “one of our most important national security programs.” Speaking at the National Defense University, Obama said the effort was “nowhere near done. Tim Scott (R.-S.C.) about whether he supports completing the MOX plant. “These cuts are going to be huge,” and will be particularly problematic amid budget boosts for weapons programs that many lawmakers believe “have been mismanaged for the last five to six years.”

One, who asked not to be named, said the DOE shortfall had set off “months of wrangling” about the issue, not only within the department but at the highest levels of the administration. A Pentagon spokeswoman, Jennifer D. “I will certainly look into this with high priority” if confirmed, he told Scott.

The Energy Department needs at least $3 billion to $5 billion more to upgrade the B61 nuclear bomb – meant for deployment aboard strategic and tactical aircraft – than it initially expected, and several billions of dollars more to cover cost overruns in construction of the uranium processing facility. But he said officials may have calculated that they cannot win congressional support for further cuts in nuclear arsenals with Russia without spending billions more to refurbish America’s remaining stockpile of nuclear weapons, under a bargain Obama struck during his first term.

Secretary of Energy nominee Ernest Moniz, speaking at a Senate confirmation hearing Tuesday, ducked multiple questions from Sen. programs for securing, reducing and eliminating weapons usable nuclear materials are a critical part of our strategy for combating nuclear terrorism and preventing the proliferation of these deadly dangerous materials…A decision to significantly cut these programs, including our near-term ability to dispose of excess plutonium, would be a setback to our ability to reach critical security goals.”

The plant is about 60 percent completed, but one senior administration official called it “managerially and programmatically, a nightmare,” with continuously rising costs.

But several officials and other sources familiar with the administration’s budget deliberations this year said the DOE nuclear weapons-related cost overruns and the new austerity climate gripping Washington – including the demand under so-called “sequestration” legislation for $54 billion in national security spending cuts each year until 2021 -had upended the administration’s plans to spend more on nonproliferation.

Under the Obama proposal, the budget for other DOE work related to nuclear nonproliferation would also be curtailed by about $277 million. It then asked the Pentagon to provide the additional $7 billion.

In the end, the Pentagon was cajoled into contributing $3 billion more. That would include a 16 percent cut in spending on efforts to halt the use of fissile material in civilian nuclear reactors and collect or secure weapons-usable fissile materials in other countries; an 8 percent cut in spending on policy to control the spread of nuclear weapons-related technologies; and a 36 percent cut in efforts to monitor potential illicit commerce in fissile materials.

The half-billion-dollar shift in spending priorities reflects an administration decision that nuclear explosives work the Energy Department performs for the military should be both accelerated and expanded. These programs have experienced billions of dollars in cost overruns in recent years, forcing the administration to look elsewhere in the DOE budget to find the money it needs to keep them alive.

Only one category of Energy Department nonproliferation work would be increased – research and development, mostly to finance work on a new nuclear detonation sensor to be placed about Air Force satellites.

Joan Rohlfing, president of the Nuclear Threat Initiative, a nonprofit arms control group founded by Ted Turner and former Sen. At the end of it, a $250 million DOE “nuclear counterterrorism incident response” program previously considered a weapons activity was shifted to the nonproliferation budget account, a change that has the effect of making the bottom line for that account look better than it otherwise would have.

Specifically, officials said, the Energy Department determined in consultation with the Pentagon that it would likely need $10 billion in new funds to fulfill all of its promises to the military for the production of modernized warheads, over the next decade alone.

Under the 2014 proposal, the Energy Department’s nuclear weapons activities funding — which includes modernization efforts for bomber-based and missile-based warheads – would be increased roughly 7 percent, or around $500 million, above the current level of $7.227 billion for these activities.

Moniz, in his confirmation hearing, tread carefully around the topic of what the department should be spending on nonproliferation. Its construction would be greatly slowed, while the Defense Department and the Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration study alternative ways to safeguard tons of the excess plutonium.

Much of the reduction in nonproliferation spending – around $183 million – would come from a controversial plant designed to transform excess plutonium from the U.S. That plant was initially budgeted at $1.8 billion, but the pricetag has ballooned to at least $7.5 billion, provoking widespread criticism and allegations of mismanagement.

The priority shift “is going to be a disaster,” said a Democratic congressional aide, who asked not to be identified because he was not authorized to speak on the budget before its official release. The study determined that the modernization program was underfunded, and steps have been taken to ensure adequate funding for essential modernization needs moving forward.”

The department also needs more funds than anticipated for improvements to the W76 warhead, which is carried by Trident submarine-based missiles.

The department’s nonproliferation programs, aimed at diminishing the security threat posed by fissile materials in other countries that can be used for nuclear weapons, would be cut by roughly 20 percent, or $460 million, below the current level of $2.45 billion, the officials said.

Under the Obama administration’s proposal for fiscal year 2014, spending for the MOX plant would be around $330 million, or 47 percent of the budget it was supposed to get next year. The new weapons-related spending would expand efforts to upgrade the W76, W88, W78, and B-61 warheads, and help fund construction of a new facility in Tennessee for processing uranium, a nuclear explosive used in these and other warheads. The officials have also decided to discuss a potential agreement for such reductions with Russian president Vladimir Putin.

To cover the $10 billion total cost overrun, the Energy Department and its National Nuclear Security Administration agreed to transfer roughly $3 billion into weapons work from management accounts and other internal savings. (Work on the facility and its equipment was well along when DOE abruptly realized it would not be large enough to accommodate needed machinery, forcing a costly redesign and lengthy delays.). nuclear weapons arsenal into fuel for reactors that generate electricity, known as the Mixed-Oxide (MOX) fuel fabrication plant in Savannah River, S.C