Give me top 5 advance poker tips?

m88 เข้าไม่ได้ 6. The subsequent tip explains extra why. Do not play at stakes that make you consider about the actual dollars in terms of day-to-day life or with income you can not lose. Bluffs only work in specific conditions &amp against specific folks, and if you know a player usually calls to the showdown, it is actually impossible to bluff that player. Do not Call at the End of a Hand to “Preserve Somebody Truthful”

&#13This a single follows the final tip. There may be instances when pot odds warrant a call, but if you’re positive you’re beaten, and there’s no way your hand can boost to be the best hand, you really should fold right away. When you happen to be just starting out playing poker, you want to play poker, and that means staying in hands that aren’t quite superior just to be aspect of the action. But playing a lot more doesn’t mean winning more, it typically signifies losing much more. 7.Do not Play at too Higher Limits

&#13There are several causes individuals move up to a greater limit game than they ordinarily play.

When you initial start off playing, it is sufficient just to recall how to play and spend focus to your personal hand. Once you know that player 3 normally folds to a re-raise on a river, that’s when you can bluff &amp steal a pot. It is far better never to bluff than to bluff “just to bluff.” . You cannot win a pot just by throwing revenue at it.

8. If you uncover you happen to be staying in half or extra the hands you’re dealt, you need to upgrade your starting hand requirements. Do Spend Focus to the Other Players

&#13As you play, one particular of the single best things you can do is observe your opponents, even when you happen to be not in a hand. Do not Play Every single Hand / Do Fold A lot more

&#13Probably the quantity 1 mistake starting poker players make is that they play far also several hands. Do Spend Consideration to the Cards on the Table

four. If you are making stacks of income at a reduced level game, why move? You’re winning stacks of revenue. There’s is NO rule that one will have to bluff a particular amount or at all throughout a poker game, but quite a few players don’t really feel like they’ve won unless they’ve attempted a poker bluff.

3. The swings up &amp down at higher limits are considerably bigger, and a single significant night’s win


2. Do Pick the Ideal Game for Your Skill Level &amp Bankroll

&#13One of the causes you should not jump into a $five/10 game following winning a massive bunch of dollars at $two/4 is mainly because as the stakes rise, so does the average ability level of the players sitting there. But when you have got that down, it is extremely essential to appear at what is going on at the table. In Texas Hold’em, figure out what the most effective doable hand would be to match the flop. Even if you had 1 super-great evening at $2/four, resist the urge to play $five/ten. It may possibly be worth it to see if a player definitely has the hand if you’re not certain &amp you happen to be gaining details that will support you later on, but if you really feel a player has the hand he’s representing &amp you are beat, why give him yet another pile of your revenue? These bets will add up more than an evening. You want to be a single of the greatest at the table, not the fish who sits down with sharks. Do not Remain in a Hand Just Mainly because You’re Already In It

&#13Another prevalent error beginners make is to think that “Properly, I’ve currently place that considerably in the pot, I have to stay in now.” Nope. I see a lot of players look at another player’s final bet, look at the hand, &amp say “I know you’ve got me, but I have to preserve you truthful,” as they throw in a final get in touch with. Don’t Bluff Just For Bluffing Sake

&#13A lot of beginner’s understand that bluffing is a part of poker, but not specifically how. The funds you have currently put in the pot is not yours any longer, and you cannot get it back just by playing a hand all the way to the finish. If you know if a single player constantly raises in a certain position, &amp yet another has a poker tell when he bluffs, &amp a 3rd folds to every re-raise, you can use that data to assist you choose how to play against them. Great motives like they’ve been winning consistently at a reduce lever &amp are prepared to move up, &amp bad motives like the line is shorter for greater limits or you want to impress someone.

1. In 7-card stud, spend focus to what’s displaying &amp what individuals have folded when you take into account calling opponents. Make positive you notice flush &amp straight possibilities

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Liverpool FC – Their 5 Greatest Triumphs in Europe

m88 เข้าไม่ได้ Near the beginning of the second half, the Reds scored 3 quickfire goals within a period of just 7 minutes, to draw the game level, and onto extra time and then penalties. Nerves got the better of the Italians and Liverpool went on to collect their 5th title in this competition.

Kevin Keegan and Ray Clemance celebrate winning Liverpool’s first European Champions Club Cup.

Kennedy and Neil 1981


AC Milan were to have revenge though as just two years later, at the OAKA Spiros Louis Stadium in Athens (GRE) they were to meet Liverpool again in the final but this time they had learned their lesson and ran out eventual 2-1 winners. Not only did this triumph mark the 5th season in a row that an English side had won this competition but it was Liverpool’s third, making gaffer Bob Paisley the first manager ever to win the title on 3 occasions with just one club.

You’ll Never Walk Alone

Hailing from the North-West of England, Liverpool FC are one of the most successful teams from English soccer, both in domestic competitions aswell as against the best in European football.

25th May 2005 – Ataturk Olimpiyat Stadium, Istanbul (TUR)Liverpool 3 – 3 Milan (ITA) – Liverpool win 3 – 2 on Penalties

Well touted as possibly one of the best European finals ever played, this game showed perfectly how sheer dogged determination of the underdog can always overcome a more technically gifted team. Goals from Terry McDermott, Tommy Smith and Phil Neal, with a solitary reply from World Footballer of the Year Allan Simonsen, saw Liverpool complete a trophy double that season after also winning the English League.

10th May 1978 – Wembley Stadium, London, EnglandLiverpool 1 – 0 Club Brugge (BEL)

A beautifully worked goal, a nicely weighted lob by Kenny Dalglish from a through ball by defender Graeme Souness, was the only one of the game but was enough to win the final and see Liverpool win back to back titles in Europe’s premier club competition. What made the victory even sweeter was the match was played at the home of English football, and helped cement the 1970s as one of the greatest era’s in Liverpool Football Clubs history.

. In May 1985 they met Juventus of Italy at the Roi Baudouin Stadium, Brussels (BEL) and were beated 1-0 by the side from Turin.

Captain Steven Gerrard lifts aloft the trophy to celebrate one of the greatest comebacks soccer has ever witnessed.

Dalglish 1978


25th May 1977 – Stadio Olimpico, Rome, ItalyLiverpool 3 – 1 Borussia Monchengladbach (GER)

In what was to be the last game of Anfield favourite Kevin Keegan’s Liverpool career, the West German side were swept aside in style. Liverpool fans will discuss for years won’t exactly happened and what was said during that 15 minute break, as the English side came back out onto the pitch and carried out one of the greatest comebacks of all time. At half time AC Milan, went into the changing rooms leading 3-0 over an abject Liverpool side. An early lead for Liverpool was cancelled out just before the interval and saw the game head to penalties – this was the first time the final would be decided this way. The prestigious honour of being allowed to keep hold of the trophy is bestowed on any team winning the title 5 times, a feat only completed by 2 other teams in the history of European soccer. However it was the pressure of expectation on the home team which was to decide the outcome of the spot kicks as Liverpool clinched the title.

Goal hero Kenny Dalglish had no intention of letting that trophy out of his sight!

27th May 1981 – Parc de Prince, Paris (FRA)Liverpool 1 – 0 Real Madrid (SPA)

Another slender victory and this time it was a late goal from defender Alan Kennedy with just 9 mins left to play, which gave Liverpool the victory over the Spanish Champions in Paris. This was only the second time that Liverpool were to reach the final of this elite competition and then taste defeat at the last hurdle. This 5th honour also established Liverpool as being currently the third most successful team in Europe in this elite competition, being bettered only by Spain’s Real Madrid and their 9 victories, and AC Milan of Italy’s 7 victories.

Famous for playing in it’s all red kit, the club was formed in 1892 and ever since then has played its home games at Anfield, a 45,500 seter stadium in the north of the city. Similar to a number of other English Premier League clubs, they are currently owned by an American sports investment company, Fenway Sports Group who also own Baseball’s Boston Red Sox.

Keegan and Clemence 1977

Credit: Getty Images c/o

Alan Kennedy and Phil Neal celebrating the 1981 victory.



30th May 1984 – Stadio Olimpico, Rome (ITA)Liverpool 1 – 1 Roma (ITA) – Liverpool win 4 – 2 on Penalties

The confidence in Liverpool of returning to the scene of their first European Club Champions victory for what would become their 4th final in 8 years, was only matched by that of their Italian Champions who were playing this match at their home stadium.

The team’s most prolific period was during the 1970s and 1980s when they were the most feared team in England, during which they won the League title a staggering 11 times, the FA Cup 3 times, the League Cup 4 times and, most impressively, no less than 7 European trophies.

In 2005 they added to their 4 European Cups, the Premier European soccer tournament reserved for only the best teams from all of its leagues to compete in, they already had in their trophy room by winning the competition for a 5th time (by now renamed as the UEFA Champions League)

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Head to head: Ronaldo vs. Ibrahimovic.

m88 เข้าไม่ได้ But, to be considered as top player, as one of the best, you need to perform not only for your club team, but for your national side as well.

With both national sides having it’s own talisman in their respective squad in the form of Zlatan Ibrahimovic for Sweden, and Cristiano Ronaldo for Portugal the hype quickly turned towards them.Regarded as one of the best attacking players in the modern game of football, the two stars simply stole the show. It was a close match, but Portugal was marginally better and while Ronaldo has scored, it was after a great ball in from Veloso. In the second leg though, you could be forgiven for saying Ronaldo has stolen the show, as he scored the first goal of the match in the 50th minute, followed by another two goals in the course of just two minutes to silence Sweden for good.

This is why, a lot of people consider national appearances and performances more important in showing a player’s talent than club ones and this is why the most talked about meeting in the European qualifying play-off for the 2014 World Cup was Portugal versus Sweden.

So who is the world’s best footballer? Well, judging after the first leg, Joao Pereira. Of course, a good match in the Portugal shirt doesn’t make him a replacement for Ronaldo, but people tend to forget that football is a team sport, and an individual, no matter how good he is, cannot compensate for a poor performance from his teammates. Seriously now, in a match where both Ronaldo and Ibrahimovic failed to play at the level that was expected from them, Joao Pereira was outstanding. The Portuguese star went on to hit the post in the 85th minute, and while Ibrahimovic remained silent, it doesn’t mean that one player or another has decided the first leg, it means that Portugal was a bit better that Sweden and, it was rewarded with a goal.

You see, a club team, especially a big one, can surround it’s talisman with the best players in the world, making his/hers life much easier, but in the national side you have to do with what your country has to offer in terms of footballers. This was no longer a meeting between two great footballing nations in their road for Brasil 2014, this had become the battle between Ibrahimovic and Ronaldo in their quest to be the world’s best football player, and the man who will shine in this double will be just that.. Sometimes you get a good generation of teammates, sometimes you don’t.

Meetings between the superstars of the footballing world are quite a common sight in the Champions League these days, as the ‘big boys’ in the competition snatch all the important player from the ‘lesser’ teams. The Valencia player has tormented the Swedish defense with his pace and crosses from the right to the point where people started to think that Nani was actually the defender and Pereira the attacking midfielder

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50 Amazing Lionel Messi Quotes

ทางเข้า fun88 I’m always trying to be my best, first for my team, for myself, for the fans, and to try and win.

I’ve always really just liked football, and I’ve always devoted a lot of time to it. He’s more than decisive in every way. Johan Cruyff

I go out and do the best I can in each game, and I don’t think about the fouls other players will commit or whether I might be injured. Who is the Best Player Ever? Leo Messi! Arsene Wenger

The truth is my idea has been to always stay at Barcelona and see out the rest of my career here. Xavi

Best Quotes About Lionel Messi

Ronaldinho is better than Cristiano Ronaldo, but neither are as good as Leo Messi. When the day comes when I’m not enjoying it, I will leave football.

I don’t need the best hairstyle or the best body. It has always been that way.

At Barca we trained every day with the ball. Messi is from another planet. He has something different to any other player in the world. His story of struggle, where he almost had to quit football due to a growth hormone deficiency, is an inspiration to all budding athletes.

The only bad thing about [Cristiano] Ronaldo’s life is Messi. When I was a kid, my friends would call me to go out with them, but I would stay home because I had practice the next day. I thought, My God, that is a great thing to say when your team has just lost.

Having read the man himself describe his experiences and what drives him to succeed, here’s a few choice quotes made by present and past players about the little wonder Leo.

Put in the superlatives yourselves, I’m running out. Pep Guardiola

Messi or Ronaldo best player in the world? In the world, I would say Ronaldo. I’m more worried about being a good person than being the best football player in the world. Jos Mourinho

Being named among the best is special and beautiful. Diego Maradona

The best way to stop Messi is when you play with 11 men and then you can double mark him, one player to stay on him and the other to help out. He holds numerous records, such as the most goals scored in a single La Liga season and the most goals scored in a calendar year. Thierry Henry

I never think about the play or visualize anything. He has everything. But if there are no titles, nothing is won.

He deserves ten out of ten for doing what he does. If I hadn’t had support, I wouldn’t have been able to fulfill my dreams.

(commenting on the numerous players compared to Maradona) The difference with Messi is the new Maradona tag came from the old Maradona. Carles Rexach (former Barcelona sporting director)

He’s a leader and is offering lessons in beautiful football. When he learns this, he won’t win a single Golden Ball, but an entire collection. He’s a phenomenon who has already won everything, but is still hungry for more. My motivation comes from playing the game I love. Antonio Cassano

I see Maradona every time he grabs the ball and accelerates. Arda Turan

Whether it’s a friendly match, or for points, or a final, or any game – I play the same. I’d personally put him in a drawer of my bedside table. He is also very close to the all-time scoring records in the Champions League and the Spanish Primera Liga.

Once he’s on the run, Messi is unstoppable. Pep Guardiola. Franz Beckenbauer

You have to show up in the World Cup, and in the World Cup anything can happen.

My family was always present when I needed them and sometimes felt even stronger emotions than me.

Best Quotes By Lionel Messi

It has been an honour to be the coach of the best player (Messi) I have ever seen and probably the best I will see. I like going out, but you have to know when you can and when you can’t.

I have seen the player who will inherit my place in Argentine football and his name is Messi.

Diego Maradona

Lionel Messi is arguably the best soccer player in the world today, though the comparison with Cristiano Ronaldo rages on fervently. Luiz Felipe Scolari

One of the Arsenal players came up to me afterwards and said it had been an honor to be on the same pitch as me. If it was not for him, Ronaldo would be the best player in the world for five years in a row. Just give me a ball at my feet and I’ll show you what I can do.

There is no doubt that Messi is the best player in the world. Fabio Capello

There’s no other like Leo. I do what comes to me at that moment. Hristo Stoichkov

In two minutes, I saw his speed, his skill and decided we would sign him. That he’s capable of doing everything that he does at his age is something impressive, that doesn’t make any sense. There is no doubt about it, Messi’s clearly the best player in the world. When I watch him, I see a player who is very, very, skilful, very clever and his left foot is like Diego Maradona’s. At the age of just 27, he is already their record goalscorer in competitive, league, as well as continental games. His humbleness only makes him greater. It’s already been a while now that he has been outstanding. Deco

Leo’s goals are works of art. He is a sensation, but still he can improve. You have to either guess right or foul him. He is counted among the best footballers in the history of the game, and many even consider him the best of all time.

He has been a frighteningly consistent record-breaker with his beloved club Barcelona ever since breaking through the youth ranks. He’s the only player who can change direction at such a pace. For example, I want to shoot equally well with both feet.

I’m not sure Messi is a human. We must protect him. Albert Ferrer

Messi is a genius. Ronaldo (the Brazilian one)

If he continues like this then I think Messi will be the best player in the history of football. As a kid, they teach you not to play to win, but to grow in ability as a player.

Here are some of the quotes that best illustrate the attitude of this great player and the high esteem in which he is held by other players.

I have fun like a child in the street. Instinct. Marco van Basten

Leo simply goes one way with his body and another with the ball. I hardly even took a step running without a ball at my feet.

Something deep in my character allows me to take the hits and get on with trying to win.

I know how important it is to have a helping hand. If it is 11 against 10 then you have almost no chance of stopping him. Arsene Wenger

I prefer to win titles with the team ahead of individual awards or scoring more goals than anyone else. Juan Sebastin Vern

Is Messi a real player or a Play Station character? Radamel Falcao

It takes sacrifice as well as talent.

Once they said they can only stop me with a pistol but today you need a machine gun to stop Messi. When all this is over, what are you left with? When I retire, I hope I am remembered for being a decent guy.

In football as in watchmaking, talent and elegance mean nothing without rigour and precision.

To compare Lionel Messi to anybody else is unfair on them. He must know when to move the ball on quickly and when to try the impossible mission. Ander Herrera

In my entire life I have never seen a player of such quality and personality at such a young age, particularly wearing the ‘heavy’ shirt of one of the world’s great clubs. Gerard Pique

The Barcelona youth program is one of the best in the world. Rick Broadbent (Sports Writer)

You have got to love the game.

What I do is play soccer, which is what I like.

Who is the Best Player in the World? Leo Messi. I’m just happy with a ball at my feet. Money doesn’t thrill me or make me play better because there are benefits to being wealthy. It only does you harm to worry about those things.

I still have a lot of room for improvement. Sid Lowe (Sports Writer)

Money is not a motivating factor. In my childhood I had difficult times because of hormonal problems. Like I always say, one doesn’t know what can happen in the future, but if it were up to me to decide, I would stay at Barcelona for the rest of my career.

I played with Romario, Rivaldo, Ronaldo, Laudrup and Stoichkov but Messi is the best I’ve seen. If I wasn’t paid to be a professional footballer I would willingly play for nothing.

The day you think there is no improvements to be made is a sad one for any player.

What Leo does is so incredible that I have to be careful not to stand still watching him make his moves. Frank Rijkaard

He has been named as the heir apparent of the great Argentine hero, Diego Maradona, by journalists, players, and Maradona himself, alike

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U.S. Harness Racing Tips and Strategies

Be familiar with the drivers at the track and know who the winners are and who are the entrants who will need a perfect trip to win. When the money is on the line, Tim Tetrick, Gingras, Brian Sears and George Brennan seem to always be flying at the finish line.

Drivers on the rise: Eric Carlson, Marcus Miller, Eric Goodell, Montrell Teague, Jason Bartlett

Drivers on the decline: John Campbell, Mike Lachance, Dave Palone

Here are some basic tips I can offer when it comes to reinsman at various tracks:

2. The Meadowlands (or Big M) offers the biggest stakes races of the year. The competition is very equal, so you have to really pick your spots before parting with your cash. I recommend using Corey Callahan whenever the horse shows ability to get to the lead. No matter how good a horse looks in the past performances, a poor driver will almost surely get them beat. and Matt Kakaley are the main bread winners there, but when George Napolitano Jr is on the card, you should study how his day is going. No matter what the program shows, he is the best trot driver alive. He is extremely patient and has a knack for helping his charge relax when in front. You are better off ignoring him whenever he looks remotely vulnerable. Bold statement ? Maybe, so you be the judge.. However, because harness racing is usually more about the pace of the race rather than the speed of the equine, the person in the sulky is a major factor.

A significant driver change is something you will always want to notice in the program pages. At The Meadows, the top dog for over 20 years has been Dave Palone. Pocono Downs is known for it’s ridiculously fast times for a 5/8 mile oval. Pocono Downs, Ladbroke at the Meadows, and Harrah’s Philadelphia all have very strong colonies of drivers because of the additional monies.

When stakes races come to a track, they attract drivers from all across the area to come into town to try to grab the major share of the purse. Obviously, the ability of the horse is typically the biggest factor in determining if they win or lose. When the trotters are on the track, you can never overlook Yannick Gingras. Aaron Merriman, Brett Miller, and Mike WIlder are all well-above average and can win at long odds. The biggest difference in an elite reinsman and an average one is that the great one can win without the best horse or a great trip. However, due to the unflux of racinos and casinos at the racetracks, the purses have increased and many of the elite spread out across the country looking to increase their earnings. He gets on a hot streak now and then where he will win half of the races for the day.

3. His numbers still look amazing in the program, but his victories come aboard heavy favorites now. When you see one of the leaders replacing someone who has had marginal results, you had better make note of it when you are making your selections.

1. Tony Hall, another excellent driver, is especially strong on trotters and when he is in the sulky for the first time.

4. So, you will want to educate yourself on the newcomers.

Too many bettors overlook a very important part of the equation — the driver. Jim Morrill Jr. Harrah’s Philadelphia is a very tough place for a bettor to make money. The top drivers in the United States usually compete at The Meadowlands and Yonkers, where the biggest opportunities for money are

How To Get Rich on Habbo Hotel

This will give you a positive reputation, and they’ll likely bet it again and lose it anyway.

Step 2

Select a good username.

Many Habbos try to get bets in casinos, but fail to do so and wonder why. Gamblers

with experience inherently trust more aged users, and an indicator of age is the

uniqueness of a username.

Step 6

Buy rights from a popular casino

Your money will simply not be well spent unless you buy rights from a popular

casino. As you get

rich enough, consider the prospect of opening your own casino! You can sell rights

and establish yourself more formally as a well-known dealer on Habbo Hotel.

Remember to deal responsibly. Although dealing under the Kelly bet will slow your

growth, it is certainly better to deal under than over.

Thus, you should regularly check your bankroll and see what the optimal Kelly bet

is, and try to get bets that are that big. (See my page for details on dealer advantage.) But, in order to get a good start on your dealing (as we will discuss later), you will probably want to start with 50 coins (known as a “gb” for gold bar).

Step 7

Deal ONLY games that are, eventually, guaranteed to make you rich.

Poker and multi have a 0% dealer advantage, and are thus horrible games to deal. Here are some tips for Habbo Club members:

Do not overdress. Using Habbo Hotel as a friend-making service (as it was

intended) is one of the most profitable moves you can make as a dealer. Thus, it is important to apportion bets appropriately to allow for

this long-term growth, as discussed in the next step.

Check if you need a price check on a rare you come across.

I also recommend playing the many games that are hosted, but never pay the owner furni. For example, I would be more apt to bet someone named

Blue than XxSweetie_012xX. Whip out a dictionary and look up some words that have

not been taken yet. Never bet higher than the Kelly criterion

would have you, and remember to put all that furni you earn to good use!

Habbo Hotel is a massively multiplayer online game where players create virtual

avatars to visit various hotel rooms, participate in activities, and personalize

their own page. Save up your coins until you have enough to buy rights PLUS about 50 coins to start dealing.


Step 3

Get your first month of Habbo Club.

Habbo Hotel is dominated by teenagers, and teenagers are superficial. For

instance, in a game with 10% dealer advantage, for every 10 coins bet, the dealer

can expect to profit 1 coin. However, with the birth of the marketplace, coins are now typically used.)

These coins will be traded among various Habbos until one of them ultimately decides to

gamble them. Doing so

will grow your reputation and give you more people to bet. In most cases, the casino wins when gambling. There will be plenty

of winning/losing streaks along the way, and your total bankroll over time will be

a rollercoaster. If you’d like to get this right away, simply buy a few coins (you could get 20 via text message for $4), or, if you’re a die-hard for not spending any money, play games and make friends, get some normal furni, and sell them for coins (described in-depth in step 5). Many people who

attend these have a decent reputation on the hotel and many friends. It’s best to expect that the owner is a scammer, and you can’t get scammed if you don’t give him or her anything.

Good places to find friends are in various games and reality shows. The approximate dealer advantage of each game,

determined by simulation, is found here, the higher the better. I have posted

a Kelly calculator for Habbo games here. Dealing over the Kelly bet will make you more likely to lose it all without any added benefit. A myriad of bling and headdresses is bound to scare

patrons away from your booth.

Do not wear badges except the one for the casino’s dealer group.

Doing this will also get you your first HC gift.

Step 9

Grow your friend network

It is important not to coop yourself up in the casino the whole time as you are

trying to gain profit.

Step 4


Betting in Habbo is typically a no-no. There’s bound to be something.

Things You Will NeedAll you’ll need is a computer with a working Internet connection. This formula was made to show gamblers (if the odds are in their favor) how much they should bet for maximum growth with minimum risk. Sometimes these gifts would be rares (right on!),

but typically I got various norms.

Bear in mind that the dealer advantage is over the long run. Getting to

know them can lead to them betting you, or at least filling a casino you deal in

and making you appear friendly and approachable.. Getting to know others on Habbo is essential

to making coins. It’s ok to shop around for a good deal on rights, but don’t suffice for a

middle-of-the-list casino. You may get discounts

(or even free) rights other casinos. It begins with a new

player deciding to buy coins. Step 8

Bet big = FAIL

According to The Wizard of Odds, the amount you should optimally be dealing for each hand is determined by the Kelly criterion. In

order to grow your wealth, you need to play games with a dealer advantage, such as 6, 13, 21, and pick-a-number. The

dealer advantage is defined as the percent profit the dealer makes on each bet. It is clear that the richest of the rich on Habbo

did not attain their wealth from buying coins, considering that spending $100 on

coins will get you only 10 gold bars. If these coins are wagered enough times, the casino will eventually own all of them. Thus, the split between rich and poor grows.

This how-to guide will give you the tools needed to become rich on Habbo Hotel. In addition to most games and their

conditions leading the dealer to an advantage, you will likely get scammed,

reducing your total payback even more. As your reputation grows, it may be tempting to do

super rare bets that you cannot afford. To the typical Habbo player, it can be daunting to see how wealthy

some of the elite players are. The trick is to open a coin shop and sell LOW.

You’re not looking to make big money here; just enough to get started with your

gambling enterprise. You need rights in a casino that is regularly on the top

of the list.

Tips & Warnings

As a dealer, it’s important not to offer deals that are so large they take away your dealers’ advantage. This path is by no means quick and easy, so do not expect instant results.

With all these techniques, you should see a steady growth of your purse. This translates into the pixel world. You’re going to need Habbo Club to appear presentable and to be taken seriously by the community (no one likes being called a bacon). If you can’t, let the Kelly amount be

your booth’s maximum bet.

Step 5

DO mooch more furni and coins and trade up

How I got my starting capital (several times, mind you) was by making rich friends

and getting gifts from them. If a player claims to lose all their furni, I recommend giving them one of their bets back. I’m guessing you have one of those.Step 1

Realize that the Habbo economy is dominated by gambling.

Wealth is localized in Habbo in quite a regular fashion. (The Habbo Club sofa used to be the common unit of exchange in the market

PGA golf betting odds for players to win the 2016 Valero Texas Open

Charley has three wins on tour with his last win coming in 2014. Keopka hits the ball a mile and is always a threat but he’s only got one win on tour which came 14 months ago at the Phoenix Open. Arnold Palmer (1960-62) and Justin Leonard (2000, 2001, 2007) jointly hold the record for most wins in the tournament with three each. Chris Kirk, Kevin Chappell, Russell Henley – 45 to 1 odds each

Zach Johnson was in contention last week at the RBC Heritage until he shot a terrible final round of 77 which dropped him into a tie for 33rd place. He has two wins on tour with his last win coming in 2014.

Thirty-year old Jason Kokrak tied for 6th place last week. Kokrak is still looking for his first PGA Tour win. Holmes played very well in his last start finishing tied for 4th place at the Masters. Holmes – 20 to 1

T-12. Branden Grace – 16 to 1

T-10. Holmes has four PGA Tour wins with his last win coming a little over a year ago at the 2015 Shell Houston Open. Then some notable golfers with much higher odds are also listed with comments telling why. Jordan Spieth finished second here last year but is taking a few weeks off after his Masters meltdown.

Tim Herron won the Valero Texas Open in 1997. J.B. The win was the last of four career wins for Ben Curtis on the PGA Tour.


Daniel Summerhays – 60 to 1 odds

Daniel Summerhays is 32 years old and he has yet to win on tour but he has a history of playing well in the Valero Texas Open. Billy Horschel tied for 17th at the Masters and then tied for 54th last week in the RBC Heritage. With most of the biggest names in golf not playing this week it’s a good week to take a shot and make a bet on a higher odds golfer if you are so inclined.

T-7. The big news for the 2016 Valero Texas Open is that Phil Mickelson is playing. Zach has 12 PGA Tour wins with his last win coming in the 2015 British Open last July. He’s yet to win on tour at age 29. He certainly has talent and is a better bet than some of the guys who have not won in a long time above him. Russell Henley tied for 23rd last week. Jimmy Walker – 14 to 1 odds

J.B. In his last start, Jimmy Walker finished tied for 29th at the Masters two weeks ago.

The 2016 Valero Texas Open golf tournament on the PGA Tour is taking place this week from April 21-24, 2016 on the Oaks Course at the TPC San Antonio golf resort located in the Cibolo Canyons area in north San Antonio, Texas. Kuchar has seven PGA Tour wins but his last win was at the 2014 RBC Heritage over two years ago. He was 3rd here last year to justify his lower odds this week.

Good luck to all the golfers and especially the bettors this week at the 2016 Valero Texas Open!

Phil Mickelson has played well enough to win on tour in 2016 but in his last start he missed the cut at the Masters. Mickelson’s last win on tour came at the 2013 British Open which is almost three years ago now. Snedeker has eight wins on tour including the 2016 Farmers Insurance Open but he’s battled injuries at times and his missed cut last week makes one wonder.

Brooks Koepka tied for 21st place at the Masters in his last start. Donald has 11 wins on the PGA and European Tours combined but his last win was in 2012. Kirk has four wins on tour with his last win coming in 2015 at Colonial. Patrick Reed – 16 to 1

Matt Kuchar tied for 9th place last week but after a first round of -4 under he played the last three rounds at +1. Billy Horschel, Luke Donald – 33 to 1 odds each

T-7. Like Zach Johnson, Charley Hoffman was in contention last week until a final round 75 dropped him into a 4th place tie. Matt Kuchar – 20 to 1

T-4. Here is a list of the betting odds for the PGA golfers to win the 2016 Valero Texas Open.

14. Walker is the defending champion in this event as he beat Jordan Spieth last year by four strokes to win his 5th career PGA tournament. Bryson DeChambeau, Charley Hoffman – 30 to 1 odds each

Fresh off his first career PGA Tour win last week at the RBC Heritage, Branden Grace from South Africa is co-second choice in the betting this week at 16 to 1 odds. Zach Johnson – 20 to 1

At pretty high odds of 14 to 1, Jimmy Walker is the betting favorite to win the 2016 Valero Texas Open. Kevin Chappell tied for 9th last week at the RBC Heritage. Brandt Snedeker – 25 to 1

T-4. Reed does have four PGA Tour wins at age 25 but his last win was over 15 months ago. Jason Kokrak – 40 to 1. He does not have a tough field to beat here but can he get the job done this week?

T-7. He’s obviously going to win again on the PGA Tour but will it be this week?

All golfers with odds of 50 to 1 or less are listed below with comments. Phil Mickelson – 25 to 1

Ben Curtis, who shockingly won the British Open in 2003, won the Valero Texas Open in 2012. Horschel has three wins on tour but has not won since 2014. If he is going to win again on tour this is a good spot for him but his odds are too low here.

Patrick Reed tied for 49th place at the Masters in his last start. He’s 33 years old.

After a decent 10th place at the Masters, Brandt Snedeker missed the cut last week at the RBC Heritage. He does have another win on the European Tour.

T-15. Leonard has 12 wins on the PGA Tour but he’s not won a tournament since 2008.

The Valero Texas Open dates back to 1922. Steele is 33 years old and he’s missed the cut in his last two PGA Tour starts.

Justin Leonard – 175 to 1 odds

As mentioned at the top, Justin Leonard is tied with Arnold Palmer for most wins in the Valero Texas Open with three. He’s been playing well enough to win lately but he’s still a tough bet to win for the first time.

T-4. T-2. Normally when a player wins on the PGA Tour for the first time I’m leery of him the next week but Branden Grace does already have seven European Tour wins and his first two wins on that tour came in back-to-back weeks in 2012.

1. Zach Johnson does have two wins in the Valero Texas Open (2008, 2009).

Chris Kirk missed the cut at the Masters and he tied for 23rd place last week in his last two starts. Herron is 46 years old and he does have four wins on tour but his last win was in 2006.

Bryson DeChambeau turned pro last week and turned in a pretty good 4th place tie performance at the RBC Heritage. Brooks Koepka – 25 to 1

Luke Donald had the lead last week going into the final round but he only shot even par to end up in a tie for 2nd place. Summerhays was second here in 2014, he was 4th here last year and he was 7th in 2013.

Brendan Steele – 66 to 1 odds

Brendan Steele won the Valero Texas Open in 2011 for his only PGA Tour win to date. He did tie for 2nd in this tournament in 2011.


Don’t Blink: Super Sonic Sport of Jai Alai

In 1900 it was an official sport in the Olympic Games with Spain taking the gold medal.

History of the Sport

The American version of the sport of jai alai comes from the Basque region in the Pyrenees Mountains of Northern Spain. In some places, a building with several courts

is called the fronton and the individual courts inside are called canchas.[3] The court is three-walled with walls on the front, back and left side, leaving the right side open; thus all players play right-handed. Toward the end of the 19th century playing jai alai spread to other countries, predominately the Philippines, Latin America and Indonesia. This centuries old game is fast-pace; billed as the fastest game in the world.

The copyright of the article Dont Blink: Super Sonic Sport of Jai Alai is owned by Cheryl Weldon and permission to republish in print or online must be granted by the author in writing.

Professionals usually start young, between ages eight to ten, and train for years before becoming good enough to be a professional player. In addition, perfecta and quiniela bets are allowed. There are several theories concerning the origins of the sport of jai alai:

It originated in ancient Greece and Egypt. It originated in pre-Columbian Central America and was brought to Spain by the Conquistadors. It originated as a game that grew from the ball and court games of France which evolved into tennis. Various versions of the game were popular in 18th century Spain, but eventually the enthusiasm for the sport blew out; that is, except in the Basque regions where the sport continued to be quite popular. Once the players have been eliminated down to three finalists, those three play until one player or team reaches seven points.

Betting on jai alai increased the popularity of the sport. It was included in several Olympics as display sports; in 1924, again in 1968 and the most recent in the 1992 Barcelona games. It is widely popular in Florida; especially among gamblers. In a perfecta bet, the first two players or teams must finish in the chosen order. In the 1920s frontons were built in Chicago and New Orleans, but later closed when betting was not legalized in Illinois or Louisiana. The program entailed a four-five year training regime before the students were capable of entering the professional realm.[4]. The front court player serves the ball to start the game. The cesta cannot be longer than 60 cm when measured straight or 110 cm when measured around the curve.[3] The cesta was invented by French Basque player, Gantchiqui Diturbide, in the 19th century.

The fronton is used to describe the court of jai alai. The winner of each point stays on the court to meet the next team in rotation with losers going to the end of the line to await their next turn. In tie situations, there is a play-off to determine the winner. Likewise, the fronton in Newport, Rhode Island (where betting on the sport was legalized in 1976) sees much competition from other gambling venues and while the fronton is still open, much of its revenue comes from slot machines on site.[4] In Florida five frontons are open as of this date. In a quinela bet, two players or teams must finish first or second in any order.[4]

Jai alai (pronounced Hi-Lie) is a little known sport among the mainstream sports fans. However, the youngest recorded professional player in the history of the sport was Piston I who began his professional career in Spain at the age of nine in 1922.[1]

Betting for win, place or show has the singles players and doubles teams assigned post positions, 1 through 8 as in horse racing. It is between 30-70 centimeters (about 11-27.3 inches) long and is held by a leather glove and strapped onto the forearm. The pelotas hit the walls of the court with such force, (up to 180 miles per hour [1]) their play life is only about 15-20 minutes before the cover splits and needs replacing.

The catching glove, or cesta, is made from woven reeds and a frame work of chestnut wood.

Top players usually have custom made cestas. (At one time there were ten frontons open in Florida.)Equipment for Jai Alai

Players of jai alai wear uniforms consisting of a tee shirt with their post number on the front and their unique number on the back; white pants with a red sash (belt); tennis shoes; elbow pads and since 1968 a helmet. The first team to the seven score, wins. It wasnt until 1924 when the first court (called fronton) was opened in Miami.[4] This was largely due to one manPedro Mir. When it made its first public appearance in St. Louis in 1904, there was little fanfare for the game. A red area around the front wall surface indicates out of bounds and on the right side of the court, a 10-15 feet wooden floor area is out of bounds. In some countries, the courts are called canchas, especially the outdoor courts. He is credited with developing the rules for the game in the United States.[4]

Gambling on Jai Alai

In 1934 Florida legalized parimutuel betting (bets pooled together before an event and then distributed amongst those who bet correctly once the outcome has been determined) on jai alai. The players are paired for round-robin competition. Mir became a professional player as a young teenager and when he arrived in Florida at the age of 23; he heavily promoted the sport. Layers of nylon are added and then it is covered with two layers of goat skin covers. Analyze the players well before making bets; money may disappear as fast as the pelota. Points are awarded if the opposing player:

Does not serve the ball so it bounces between lines four and seven Does not catch the ball in the air or after the first bounce Juggles or holds the ball (no fluid motion) Throws the ball out of bounds Interferes with a players attempt to catch and hurl the ball

Most games are played until a player or team reaches seven (Spectacular Seven) in a round-robin rotation with eight teams or single players; though some go to nine points (Superfecta). It is about three quarters the size of a baseball and considered the hardest ball of any sport.[1] The core is made of virgin rubber from Brazil. In doubles (teams) there is a front-court and a back-court player. The court is divided by 14 parallel lines numbered from front to back. Once the first round is completed, points double. The server is required to bounce the ball behind the serving line and hurl the ball using the cesta directly to the front wall in such a manner it rebounds and bounces between lines Number four and seven. In the Basque language jai alai means merry festival and the name was used for the game because it was often played at festive events; usually against the sides of churches. In the Spectacular Seven, round-robin style of play, players or teams with the lowest post numbers usually have the advantage as the

higher numbers see less court time.[1]

In the United States, initially most of the jai alai players were from Cuba; then Basques from Spain were brought in for the sport. Three pieces of equipment are needed for the game:

The ball (called the pelota) The wicker basket glove (called the cesta-punta in Spainish and xistera in Basque) The court (called the fronton) The ball, or pelota, used for this sport is similar to the ball used for hand-ball or racquet ball. It is patterned after horse race betting; win, place or show. The court can be varied in length, but is usually about 40 feet wide and 176 feet long.The Game of Jai Alai

The object of the game is to score points by throwing the ball against one of the walls in such a manner the opponent is unable to catch the ball before it bounces more than once. Players then alternate catching and throwing the ball. The game starts with one player serving the ball. If the ball bounces elsewhere, it is considered an under or over serve and the opponent is awarded the point. Connecticut opened three frontons and betting was legalized in 1971; however, competition from other gambling venues forced them out of business. This is where the modern version was developed and thus where many cite it originated.

Spectators of jai alai will not want to blink lest they miss the speeding ball bouncing wickedly into a players cesta only to smoothly be launched out within a nano-second. In particular, the sport was extremely popular in Cuba and when immigrants made their way to Florida in the United States, they introduced the sport to that region. Spectators are protected by a screen over the open section. When the number of frontons increased (after WWII), a training facility was built in Miami to accommodate the increased need for top players. The Miami fronton was built with the purpose to showcase Mirs talents.[4] Mir served as the chief judge and match-maker at the Miami fronton until he retired in 1975. Mir was born in Cuba and had a Basque grandfather who ran a fronton there. It must done in one fluid motion; juggling or holding the ball is called by the referee

NASCAR betting odds for drivers to win the 2016 Good Sam 500 at Phoenix

Jimmie Johnson – 6 to 1

T-13. – 12 to 1

At odds of 4 to 1, Kevin Harvick is the betting favorite to win the 2016 Good Sam 500 at Phoenix International Raceway. Matt Kenseth – 10 to 1

After starting in 3rd place last week, Matt Kenseth wrecked out of the race and ended up in 37th place. Edwards won this race in 2013 and he has two wins over the track (2010). He did win this race in 2012 for his only win over the track to date.

The downside to betting Kevin Harvick this week is that his odds are low and he’s yet to win a race this season. Also listed are career NASCAR Sprint Cup stats for most of the drivers.

The 2016 Good Sam 500 NASCAR Sprint Cup race is taking place this Sunday, March 13, 2016, at Phoenix International Raceway in Avondale, Arizona with a start time of 3:30 PM EDT and the race is on FOX. Elliott has yet to win a NASCAR Sprint Cup race over eight starts. He’s also getting married this year to Amy Reimann.

12. For his career, Matt Kenseth has 36 wins in 581 starts.

T-5. is certainly intriguing this week at odds of 12 to 1. For his career, Kurt Busch has 27 wins in 543 starts.

Kasey Kahne started in 8th last week and finished in 10th. Bowyer has never won this race or won over the track. Here is a list of the betting odds for the NASCAR drivers to win the 2016 Good Sam 500.

T-5. Jamie McMurray started in 29th last week and finished in 16th place. After winning in Atlanta two weeks ago, Jimmie Johnson started in 11th place last week and finished in 3rd. Carl Edwards – 10 to 1

Since winning at Daytona to start the season Denny Hamlin has not done a whole lot. Vickers has no wins over the track and just three career wins in 320 starts and he’s not won a race since 2013. started last week in 10th place and finished in 11th. Keselowsi has also never won this race or won at Phoenix. Martin Truex, Jr. Brad Keselowski – 9 to 1

Good luck this week to all the NASCAR drivers and especially the bettors at the 2016 Good Sam 500 at Phoenix!

T-3. McMurray has seven wins over 477 starts and he’s not won a race since 2013.

2. For his career Kyle Busch has 34 wins in 393 starts.

11. He has yet to win this race or win a Sprint Cup race over the track at Phoenix. Junior has yet to win this race but he does have three wins over the track including winning the fall race in 2015. Kahne has 17 career wins in 435 starts. Joey Logano – 8 to 1

Joey Logano started last week in 2nd place and he also finished in 2nd at Las Vegas. Kurt Busch – 10 to 1

Kurt Busch was on the pole last week but faded to 9th place at the finish. Johnson has one win in this race (2008) and four wins over the track (2007, 2008, 2009).

After winning last week in Las Vegas, Brad Keselowski is 9 to 1 odds to win again this week in Phoenix. Kasey Kahne, Kyle Larson – 30 to 1 odds each

Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Last week Larson started in 17th and finished in 34th.

In addition to the betting odds, listed below are how each driver did last week in Las Vegas as well as how many wins each driver has in this race and over the Phoenix track in his or her career. Kevin Harvick holds the record for most wins in this race with three (2006, 2014, 2015) including winning the last two years and he’s won seven NASCAR Sprint Cup races at Phoenix.

Martin Truex, Jr. Kyle Busch started last week in 23rd place and drove himself up into 4th place at the finish so he’s been driving well so far this season in races. Kyle Busch has yet to win the Good Sam 500 but he does have a win over the track (2005). He won this race in 2005 for his only win over the track. Kenseth has yet to win this race and his one win over the track came back in 2002. – 10 to 1. For his career, Joey Logano has 14 wins in 258 starts and he won 11 races over 2014-15.

Carl Edwards started in 24th place last week and finished in 18th. has only three wins over 372 starts.

T-7. Newman won this race in 2010 for his only win over the track.

Field of all other drivers – 20 to 1 odds

T-17. Kyle Larson is looking for his first career Sprint Cup win in this race which will be his 79th career start. Austin Dillon has yet to win a NASCAR Sprint Cup race in 88 starts but after a decent showing last week is he ready to win this week?

T-7. Ryan Newman started in 21st last week and worked his way up to 13th at the finish. For his NASCAR career, Carl Edwards has 25 wins in 412 Sprint Cup starts.

T-7. Last week, Junior started in 20th place and finished in 8th so he ran pretty good. Last week in Las Vegas, Kevin Harvick started in 6th place and finished in 7th as the betting favorite.

T-15. Harvick is the betting favorite for good reason as he has owned this race and Phoenix International Raceway. He has yet to win this race or win over the track. For his NASCAR Sprint Cup career, Brad Keselowski has 18 wins in 236 starts.

Austin Dillon started last week in 5th place and finished the race in 5th in Las Vegas. He has yet to win this race but does have a win over the track (2011). Denny Hamlin – 9 to 1

Chase Elliott started in 13th last week but crashed and finished in 38th place. Brian Vickers started in 19th last week and finished in 36th as the last car running in the race. For his Sprint Cup career, Martin Truex, Jr. Austin Dillon – 20 to 1

T-7. So he is running well but he’s yet to win this race or record a NASCAR Sprint Cup win at Phoenix. Kevin Harvick – 4 to 1 odds

Clint Bowyer started in 35th place and finished in 22nd last week. Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Clint Bowyer, Brian Vickers, Ryan Newman – 50 to 1 odds each

T-3. Kyle Busch – 8 to 1

1. Chase Elliott, Jamie McMurray – 40 to 1 odds each

At 6 to 1 odds, Jimmie Johnson is the second choice in the betting odds this week. Last week Hamlin started in 9th place and finished in 19th

3 Proven Ways To Attract Girls

Keep in mind though that being crowned the undisputed king of nachos isn’t exactly the kind of status I’m referring to.

Another crucial thing that makes a man attractive to a woman is status. In a way, this is what you get when you combine success and strength. Nobody is born with all these things in a complete package, but everybody has the opportunity to achieve all three.


Physical strength denotes capability and discipline.

Women can’t help but be attracted to guys who are successful. Status can mean anything from having a prestigious company position to being the most popular guy in your school. It is up to you how to make the most of it.


Even back during prehistoric times, cave women have always had a thing for the cavemen who brought home the bacon. After all, you can’t just blindly grope you way to a woman’s heart. There’s no doubt about it. Who wants to date Chris the Couch Potato when they can date Eric the Successful Entrepreneur?

Knowing what makes a man attractive to a woman is a great advantage in the playing field. The question is: How do you go about displaying your strength? You don’t have to go into extreme sports bulging your muscles like your favorite wrestlers, but you can do something to whip yourself into shape. That’s the way it has always been.

Women want men who are good providers, men who are clearly leader of the pack material. Besides, there’s no such thing as dumb luck in the game of love. You may be a complete nobody today; but if you apply yourself correctly, you’ll find out just how easy it is for others to recognize your true potential.


Strength makes a man attractive to a woman.

If you want to know what makes a man attractive to a woman, then read this article. Women are also attracted to strength in character. You might end up getting slapped in the face in more ways than one.

Now that you have an idea of what makes a man attractive to a woman, there is no excuse for going out unprepared or staying home depressed for that matter. . You can bet that whoever invented the first wheel had no problem getting all the girls. By remaining true to your principles and staying steadfast in any situation, you’re sending out the message that you’re the best choice in every way

Casino-Gaming :: Gambling or Gaming, Entertainment or Exploitation? (Page 1 of 2)

Back in 1994, the UK government approved a National Lottery, which helped to make gambling seem more mainstream to the public. Gambling statistics were studied, and the follow-up to this review was dubbed the Bud Report. Sports betting is quite popular, and betting shops offer a location to place a bet via betting terminals, seating to watch the events on television, and enjoy some refreshments as well. The most vocal criticism of these liberal gambling laws came from the Methodist Church and the Salvation Army. Known as gaming for around 265 years before the term gambling was introduced, the entertainment value of the many types of wagering money or property continues to grow. This report also suggested that current laws be relaxed to let communities have more freedom of choice concerning their gambling habits. Bookmakers have many tasks. These are betting, casino style gambling, and lotteries. Among these are the National Lottery Commission, the Gambling Commission, British Casino Association, British Horseracing Board, and the Association of British Bookmakers.

Three categories of gambling are prevalent in the UK. The exceptions are fruit machines which pay with tokens, which has no age limit, lotteries that are local, and football pools, with the latter two having an age limit of 16 and above. The effects of gambling can be far reaching.

The history of gambling is quite a storied one. As more people began to enjoy gambling from the comfort of their homes, and the impacts of Internet gambling became apparent, a change of rules was definitely needed!

The gambling industry in the UK was given a thorough review, approved by the government, during the year 2000. They also have the power to impose fines, pull licences, assess penalties, and can see that those who cheat or gamble illegally are prosecuted.

More than ten various commissions and trade associations have been established to aid in the monitoring process of gambling. The types of sports betting in the UK include horse and dog racing.

Page 1 of 2 :: First | Last :: Prev | 1 2 | Next

. Gamblers can also place a bet on the Internet or by way of a telephone call. The advent of gambling via the Internet, mobile phone and/or television also served to make the gambling laws that were passed in 1968 seem rather old-fashioned. They accept the wagers, collect money from those who lost a wager, pay those who won, and turn a profit by striving for a balanced book. In most cases, a person must be over age 18 in order to gamble. It recommended that gambling as a whole should be modernized. Despite the evolution of this popular pastime, gambling isnt always viewed as socially acceptable. They refused to recognize any benefits of gambling. Their concern was that the number of casinos in Britain would grow at an alarming rate. Some must obtain certificates of approval before they can begin their jobs. Many people feel all gambling is wrong, and are quite firm in their belief.

A new Gambling Act went into effect in 2007, and the reaction of a large number of people was anything but positive. Betting shops and bookmakers also play a big role in the UK gambling scene. Nevertheless, the new laws remained, and served to regulate not only certain lotteries, bingo, casinos and gaming machines, but also remote gambling and betting.

Those who are employed within the gambling industry are held to high standards.

Gambling is an exciting pastime, and there are many options for enjoying the many aspects of it whether you are at home or in a casino

A Response To HuffPost’s ‘Dying To Be Free’

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) is the program most experienced in helping people seeking freedom from opioids.

And what he reports without labeling it as such is an epidemic of suffering. Heroin and opioids are the most effective pain killers — whether psychological or physical.

Again, we highly commend Jason for his extraordinary article, and thank him for the lives he has saved.

Twelve-step programs do not work for everyone, actually fewer than most would think if the anecdotal reports are correct. Shaffer, Ph.D., Morris E. Further, we suggest a necessary addition to the courts: a physician with an expertise in addiction should be available to the court either in person or via telephony; just as Drug Courts often try to provide experienced medical guidance for the court so too should all courts.

We have known for decades that addiction is almost always co-morbid with underlying mental illnesses, such as anxiety disorder, ADD, PTSD. Emerson, Associate-Public Policy, Division on Addiction, & Chairman of College Task Force on College Gambling and Alcohol Polices

One of the most important points that Jason reports is that courts often mandate people to attend 12-step programs, usually Alcohol Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA).

If we can reduce human suffering, we can reduce addiction.

We believe strongly that every state and legal system should adopt the drug court solution. If the underlying causes and conditions of addiction are diagnosed properly and treated effectively, we can manage addiction.

In fact, it’s not just the judges who are ill-equipped to remedy addiction, but too often doctors are undereducated about addiction. So sitting someone with opioid dependence in a room full of people who struggle with alcohol dependence is often not helpful and might not be healthy for anyone. NA often does not have meetings in locales close to those who seek help; often NA doesn’t have as many meetings as the original 12-step program, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).

We also need to answer the questions that Jason so powerfully posed: Why are teenagers dying disproportionately to their numbers, why are veterans committing suicide at an epidemic rate, and why are the elderly using more painkillers? Tragically, it seems that the answer is the level of suffering among teenagers, veterans, and the elderly is far too high. Suffering is the underlying issue.

We highly commend the reporter Jason Cherkis for his extraordinary in-depth and comprehensive article focusing on heroin and opioid overdose deaths primarily in Kentucky, which was posted on January 28, 2015. These 12-step programs don’t work for everyone because the resources are limited. Most medical schools today do not provide in-depth courses focusing on addiction even though doctors are often on the frontline witnessing the results of addiction; they are first responders and often are in a unique position to intervene. Meaning, if a patient undergoing treatment for pancreatic cancer is put in a support group for irritable bowel syndrome sufferers, the identification and similarity of experience is less than ideal. We must decide that the cost of addiction in lives and money is not acceptable to our society in the 21st century.. Suffering of the elderly is probably one of the greatest silent epidemics in America today. We need to learn more about addiction so we can design effective treatments that result in long-term recovery. We’ve known for many decades that the abuse of substances and activities, whether alcohol, opioids or noningestibles like gambling and sex can relieve suffering, if only temporarily. This results in AA becoming the default 12 program for heroin and opioid dependent people struggling with addiction.

Long ago, people discovered that creating a warm human community to support one another when facing cancer, kidney dialysis, heart transplants — whatever the common condition is — saves lives. Unfortunately, this circumstance might not yield the anticipated results. It is an exemplary job of reporting that has brought national attention to this crisis, and stimulated changes in federal and some state policies that will save lives.

Knowing the answer to suffering is not enough. Chafetz Associate Professor of Psychiatry in the Field of Behavioral Sciences, Harvard Medical School & Director of Division on Addiction, Cambridge Health Alliance. But the important factor is that it has to be apples-to-apples and oranges-to-oranges.

Peter V.

Need help with substance abuse or mental health issues? In the U.S., call 800-662-HELP (4357) for the SAMHSA National Helpline.

Until we discover remedies for addiction that allow more people to recover and have productive lives, the courts need to be very careful about ensuring that they don’t contaminate self-help groups that already are successful for some with a particular expression of addiction, like alcohol, heroin and opioids or gambling.

Howard J. We also suggest that the field of addiction needs to provide more evidence-based solutions for the courts. The fact is we do not know — 12-step programs have no accurate data about their success rates; we should not expect a fellowship, based on anonymity, to collect, much less disclose, this kind of information. Although this has been challenged successfully in many jurisdictions as a violation of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment, this practice continues

Sports :: So What is Betfair? Who runs it? Is it Safe?

You can now even get the exchanges own version of SP, and yet again this beats the bookies SP over the long term.

The exchanges are also a level playing field, unlike bookies who can put the odds in their favour as much as they wish. 4) The Pink side is used to LAY a horse, that is you want it to lose. So if you are using a bookmaker and losing say 10% of everything you bet over a year, if you had placed all those exact same bets with a betting exchange then you would probably have finished the year in profit! See how easy it is to see why you are throwing money away by not using them?

So now for a short history of the company. Well Betfair, and other exchanges do exactly that, and if that is all you want to do that is all you actually need to know apart from the fact that the average odds over the long term are 20% higher than those you get in a regular bookmaker. Now some folk think this is a gambling tax, and that the bookmakers charge 0%. Formed in June 200, the website was launched to allow customers to bet against each other rather than the traditional High Street bookmaker. This is also no different than people playing on the stock market buying and selling shares. 3) The Blue side is used when you BACK a horse, that is you want that selection to win. In the Options you can change this so you just have one on either side if you are new. That is not accurately true, you see the bookies get charged 10% tax by the government, and they claim that back by taking 10% off the odds!! They conceal it to fool you into thinking you are not paying tax! Betting exchanges tell you this expense upfront, and it is never more than 5%. Now you know a conventional bookmaker offers you odds on an event, such as 6/4 the favourite in the 12:30 at Wolverhampton will win the race, or Liverpool FC will beat West Ham 1-0 at the odds of 5/4. Why is that? The foremost reason is they just do not realize the concept of it, and yet it is very simple. This amount varies but starts at 5% for new signups, but you can get this down as low as 2%. I will do a speedy article here to enlighten you of the basics, but the most notable message is that if you do wager on horse racing, or sports, and you get pleasure from throwing money away, then please continue not to exploit a betting exchange!

So do you not think it is time to begin having some of that extra money for yourself, instead of others taking it?

Betfair have some simple to follow rules on the website, but briefly you have the following: 1) All odds are in decimal by default, which does scare some individuals off, so just hover your mouse over the odds and you will see them come into view as they are in the bookmakers. Bookmakers do play a lot on the exchanges these days, but have to go with the market prices, and they also must pay commission, so a bookmaker with Millions, has to behave exactly the same way as Joe Public with his 10 wager.. The company has since expanded into Australia, and turns over more than 50 Million a week. 8) Any races you have a bet on you can watch the live video stream.

Now you do have to pay a commission on each winning bet. Easy as that! 7) If you just want SP bets, set this in the Options. Yes you can bet horses to lose here! 5) The minimum stake at Betfair is 2 6) To place a bet just click on the Blue/Pink odds, and enter your stake. Large sums when you consider this is all clients funds! They now also have gaming products such as poker and a casino, and take 100′s of bets a second. 2) You have 3 rows of blue, and 3 rows of pink next to each selection. Your account money is also ring fenced, meaning it is secured 100%.

Many gamblers have heard of Betfair but in comparison with folks that use bookmakers, only a small minority use the betting exchange

BrightShare Affiliate Program Welcomes AllYouBet Sports Book | Reuters

The BrightShare sports book program includes a wide variety ofmarketing tools including banners, content, web links and XML odds feeds.Targeted reports allow affiliate partners to monitor their success usinga variety of metrics. The popularity of online sports bettingmakes AllYouBet the perfect complement to our current activities andbrings even more excitement to our premier casino. A product ofAll Slots Casino, AllYouBet offers the most competitive odds and thewidest variety of sporting events available for Live Betting, andBrightShare is proud to represent this exciting new product. Media ContactStan SmythePress Copyright 2010, Market Wire, All rights reserved.-0-. KAHNAWAKE, QC, Oct 26 (MARKET WIRE) — BrightShare Limited (, the affiliate program ofplatinum Microgaming casinos, All Slots, All Jackpots and Wild Jack, hasnow expanded its services to include the new AllYouBet online sportsbook, offering commission rates of up to 40% on net revenue. Lloyd Apter, Program Manager of BrightShare, said, “We’re thrilled towelcome AllYouBet, All Slots Casino’s new sports book, to the JackpotFactory brands on BrightShare. For moreinformation, please visit BrightShare’s award-winning program offers sports betting affiliates thebenefits of a six-tier commission structure, a 2% lifetime referralcommission, and a policy of never carrying negative earnings into futuremonths. Bearing the eCOGRA Affiliate Trust Seal,BrightShare is fully devoted to the success of its affiliates. BrightShare offersaffiliates a separate sports betting program for AllYouBet, with ourstandard six-level commission structure of 25 to 40%. About AllYouBet AllYouBet sports book, powered by NetworkPot andlicensed in Curacao, offers top value entertainment with its competitiveodds and wide range of events available for Live Betting. Responsible Gaming AllYouBet is dedicated to responsible gambling andtakes its social responsibilities seriously, by preventing underagebetting and providing assistance and support to members who developgambling problems. As part of theJackpot Factory group, AllYouBet has partnered with All Slots Casino tooffer quality sports betting with safe and secure financial transactionsin a no-download online environment. We’re encouraged bythe great pick-up we’ve seen already, and we invite affiliates to contactBrightShare for more details.” About BrightShare Founded in 2002, the BrightShare Network is a leadingonline casino affiliate program, and offers among the highest commissionlevels in the industry