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Dec 28 – English Premier League summaries on Monday. Wolverhampton Wanderers 0 Manchester City 3 Carlos Tevez 33, 86, Javier Garrido 69 Halftime: 0-1; Attendance: 28,957 – - – Blackburn Rovers 2 Morten Gamst Pedersen 53, El Hadji Diouf 77 Sunderland 2 Darren Bent 52,65 Halftime: 0-0; Attendance: 25,656 – - – Chelsea 2 Didier Drogba 73, Chris Smalling 75og Fulham 1 Zoltan Gera 4 Halftime: 0-1; Attendance: 41,805 – - – Everton 2 James Vaughan 83, Steven Pienaar 90+2 Burnley 0 Red Card: Stephen Jordan 62 Halftime: 0-0; Attendance: 39,419 – - – Stoke City 0 Birmingham City 1 Cameron Jerome 50 Halftime: 0-0; Attendance: 27,000 – - – Tottenham Hotspur 2 Luka Modric 11, Jermain Defoe 81 West Ham United 0 Halftime: 1-0; Attendance: 35,994 – - – - Playing on Tuesday (GMT) Aston Villa v Liverpool (1945) Bolton Wanderers v Hull City (2000) Playing on Wednesday (GMT) Portsmouth v Arsenal (1945) Manchester United v Wigan Athletic (2000) (Compiled by Infostrada; Edited by Neil Maidment)

Woman Crosses Finish Line Of 10K Against All Odds (Photos)

Ford responded to the incredible reaction on Facebook. 

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“I’m not going to let her quit, so I got out and she immediately grabbed my hand,” Lt. The 10K was her way to kickstart that effort.

7.6 k

After the photo went viral, support for Ford came from people throughout social media. A police car then pulled up next to her.

“He asked me if I wanted to stop and I was like, ‘No, we have two more miles to go.’”

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. I thank God for you all and the officer who is my Angel.”

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7.6 k

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“That is when I woke up and I couldn’t allow them to be on this earth without my help and the only way I would be able to help them is if I helped myself first,” she said. Ford, who struggled with her weight for years, recently decided it was time to take action and get in shape. Aubrey Gregory said. Ford arrived at the race 25 pounds lighter, determined to make it through. Ford said there was no way she was going to stop.

A photo of a woman being escorted across the finish line of a 10K by police officers has become an Internet sensation. 

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“I have no words about the pouring prayers and support that has poured in my inbox, On my page, text, calls etc,” she said. She powered through until mile four, when she began to have trouble breathing. “I want you all to know that if I don’t respond to your message please don’t think I’m ignoring it, it’s so many I can’t get to them all.

Asia Ford, a resident of Louisville, Kentucky, participated in the Rodes City Run with one goal in mind – to finish. Even Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer shared the photo on Twitter, prompting Louisville residents to tweet their encouragement

ESPN Deportes Resumes Exclusive Broadcasts of UEFA Champions League

Matches TBD

Tuesday, Mar. 08 4:45 p.m. In addition, ESPN2 will also simulcast a selection of games in English.


Matchday #1 of the First Knockout Stage to Feature Europe’s Best Clubs – Arsenal, Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Chelsea, Juventus FC, Liverpool, and Real Madrid CF


NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Feb. Bayern Munich vs. broadcast rights for all remaining UEFA Champions League matches, including the Final in May. 08 2:30 p.m. Liverpool vs. Chelsea (Live)

Wednesday, Feb.

In one year since launching full-time, ESPN Deportes has secured distribution agreements with seven of the ten largest cable operators in the U.S., including Adelphia, Cablevision, Charter, Cox, Insight, Cable One, and with the National Cable Television Cooperative (NCTC). 23 2:30 p.m. FC Internazionale

Tuesday, Mar. Matches TBD

Wednesday, Mar. Barcelona vs. FC Porto vs. ESPN Deportes commentator Jose Hernandez (play-by-play) and Claudio Jijon (analysis) will compose a third telecast team.

ESPN Deportes has complete, exclusive U.S. 23 7:00 p.m. 09 7:00 p.m. Matches TBD

Tuesday, Mar. Real Madrid vs. Matches TBD

Wednesday, Mar. 22 2:30 p.m. ESPN Deportes is also available in Puerto Rico on Liberty Cablevision, Adelphia, and Centennial.

ESPN Deportes coverage of UEFA Champions League will include three teams of announcers made up of ESPN broadcasting veterans Luis Omar Tapia (play-by-play), Randy Alvarez (play-by-play), and Argentine soccer legend Mario Kempes. 09 4:45 p.m. Bayer Leverkusen

Tuesday, Feb. Matchday #1 of the first knockout stage will feature Europe’s best clubs, including Arsenal, Bayern Munich, FC Barcelona, Chelsea, Juventus FC, Liverpool and Real Madrid CF.

ESPN Deportes UEFA Champions League telecast schedule for February and March:



Tuesday, Feb. 23 4:45 p.m. 08 7:00 p.m. 23 11:30 p.m. Matches TBD

Viewers interested in receiving ESPN Deportes should contact their local cable or satellite provider or call (toll-free) 866-518-4622.. 09 2:30 p.m. AC Milan (Also on


Wednesday, Feb. Each matchday, ESPN Deportes will televise selected matches LIVE, while featuring the remaining matches on short turnaround. 18, 2005–

As the UEFA Champions League resumes play with the start of the first knockout stage, ESPN Deportes, the only network with complete, exclusive U.S. Olympique Lyonnais

Wednesday, Feb. Matches TBD

Wednesday, Mar. Juventus (Live)

Tuesday, Feb. Werder Bremen vs. PSV vs. Manchester United vs. 22 11:30 p.m. telecast rights leading to the championship, will resume its coverage of all remaining matches on Tuesday, Feb., 22. 22 4:45 p.m. Arsenal

Wednesday, Feb. 22 7:00 p.m. AS Monaco

Tuesday, Feb

Quit Smoking Tips – The best of today’s mainstream programs for quitting smoking and tobacco cessation

I found there was little to do, except to obsess all day long over having a smoke. Quitting can be like losing a dear old friend – and it’s okay to grieve that loss. I had begun to feel it was hopeless.

How are your self-denial muscles? Pretty good, no doubt! Let’s see: are you able to easily put off getting a brand new car, or going to a $60 per head restaurant? How about postponing that vacation in Monte Carlo, Aspen, or Florida? Good! If you can do those things, chances are good you won’t need an inpatient program, and you’ll have all the self-denial muscles you’ll need to quit smoking. See for yourself!

Because I didn’t know this, I failed 11 times. Do it three times.



PHASE ONE was realizing that with the help of one or more programs, I could stay off cigarettes for one to three months.

But if you speak up more than three times per YEAR, then you’re a yukky, obnoxious NAG. It sends an empowering message to teens about cigarette advertising, smoking in films, and the addictiveness of nicotine. Because of his success in Greece, Mr. Do read on!

This deep breathing technique will be a vital help to you. So you may wish to consider getting some help this time around!

You need to get your resolve up, and try again. The nicotine inhaler (by prescription) is one way to go: it’s a shortened plastic cigarette, with a replaceable nicotine capsule inside.

Just three times a year you can ask your loved one – briefly – VERY briefly – to please quit smoking — in VERY loving and warm tones. It can be a great source of support — like a Nicotine Anonymous meeting, but online. I always went cold turkey.

People who are the most successful at living life typically get plenty of help. Studies show that the ratio varies with each individual. However, it’s vital to understand that from time to time, you will still be suddenly overwhelmed with a desire for “just one cigarette.” This will happen unexpectedly, during moments of stress, whether negative stress or positive (at a party, or on vacation). The video won excellent reviews, and shows a talk Patrick gave to 1,000 ninth graders. A 50% increase in the quit rate would mean that 7.5% of those using NRT were successful after 12 months.

In addition, visit our Quitlinks page, for to see the results of recent studies on which quit products work best.

For those who have repeatedly failed at quitting in the past, it’s comforting to learn that most smokers in fact fail several times before stopping successfully. Every time I failed, I lost a little more faith that I could really quit. Purse your lips so that the air must come out slowly.

Do your best to follow as many of these as you can. Take a chance — try it and see!


What’s best for me?

Go cold turkey, or gradually cut down?

Welcome to the wonderful world of nonsmokers. Your past failures are not a lesson that you are unable to quit. We share our experience, strength and hope with each other so that we may be free from this powerful addiction. So be brave, and seek support from others. Now TWO…

And sure enough, at the end of five minutes – the urge would be all gone, and I would be quite proud of myself for holding on (plus I got to deny my smoking friend his pleasure in seeing me light up like him).

After dinner, instead of a cigarette, treat yourself to a cup of mint tea or a peppermint candy.

During these surprise attacks I would always rationalize, “I could have just one. He points out, “Studies have proven that States with well funded tobacco prevention programs have significantly lower rates of teen smoking, while States with poorly funded programs have far higher levels of youth smoking. All have inexpensive and effective, mainstream programs.

So know that out-of-control, very nearly irresistible urges to have “just one” are going to take you by surprise, like a sudden gale that seems to come from nowhere. When you call, a friendly staff person will offer a choice of free services, including self-help materials, a referral list of other programs in your community, and one-one-counseling over the phone.

In October, 2010 Mr. It’s the key to what has empowered me to stay smokefree for the past dozen years or so.

Get help — lots of it. As to the mental or psychological aspect, a smoker’s conscious mind says, ‘I will stop smoking — no problem.’ But the unconscious mind has been conditioned for years that cigarettes give pleasure, and that’s all it can focus on. The urges gradually become farther and farther apart as the days go by.

Sometimes, life is painful. Instead, search Google for the FREE 12 Step program, “Nicotine Anonymous”.

I’m not promising it will be easy — it will likely be difficult for a few days or weeks. In short, these programs work and should be funded.” (To check your state’s current spending on smoking prevention programs, please see www.tobaccofreekids.org/reports/settlements. Relief is about four minutes away…”

Remember that the urge to smoke only lasts a few minutes, and will then pass. Instead, let them know how you feel.

By telling smokers that smoking is a personal choice, the tobacco industry has helped to keep its customers in denial about the true extent of their addiction. Even the very greatest novelists have editors they rely on for invaluable feedback. Don’t isolate, and do lean on others.

Once I tried quitting during a vacation. As I see it, there really isn’t as much choice as they have suggested to their customers.

The smoker’s unconscious mind also makes repeated pleasant associations with the act of smoking — watching the smoke slowly curling, putting a cigarette to the lips, languidly inhaling and exhaling, absently handling a cigarette — all these are very much a part of the psychological addiction to tobacco. Reynolds met in Washington DC with Congressman Henry Waxman to offer his support for the pending bill for FDA regulation of tobacco. Meetings are based around the classic 12-steps, borrowed from Alcoholics Anonymous’ winning formula to overcome addiction. But it was vital that I came to realize that any time from a week to a year after quitting, I was sure to get an occasional surprise ATTACK – during which I was suddenly OVERWHELMED with the desire to smoke.

The most important step to take is the first step –

admitting you have an addiction.

In my live talks and video for youth, I revive the ancient practice of initiation. If smoking is a choice, then what’s the rush to quit? The tobacco companies have used this spin to help keep millions of customers buying their deadly products.

Admitting that you’re smoking more out of addiction than choice will help motivate you to go on to the next steps — taking control of yourself and becoming a nonsmoker.


Patrick watched his father, RJ Reynolds, Jr., his oldest brother RJ Reynolds III, and other members of his family die from cigarette-induced emphysema and lung cancer. Those who are not wealthy have much stronger “self-denial muscles.”

For most addicted smokers, the addition is about half mental, half physical. I finally stopped for good on my 12th try, in Spring 1985. The video has won much acclaim from educators.

One definition of insanity is…

Repeating the same behavior over and over again,

expecting different results.


It’s true that smoking is mostly very enjoyable, even comforting, for you. As I initiate them into life, I let teens know that sometimes life will be painful.

If you live with a smoker, or are close friends with one: don’t be a NAG about their smoking habit! (You can make noise about their smoking in the house or near you, because their second hand smoke hurts you – but don’t nag them to quit. Let the feelings engulf you instead of avoiding your pain with sweets or some other distraction. We’re addicted not just to one thing, but often to several – like cigarettes, food, television, music, drugs, sex, even work. Remember the following secret: in these surprise attacks during Phase 2 — and they will definitely come — do your deep breathing, and hold on for five minutes, and the urge will pass.

In conclusion, get the info and support you need to make the stopping process a little easier. This clinically proven method helps to undo the years of daily positive associations with smoking. If you are unprepared to resist, succumbing to that “one cigarette” will lead you directly back to smoking. Smokenders is a gradual quit program. It’s a 12-step program based on AA; they’re nonprofit and meetings are free. I would chew on them, inhale air through them, and handle them like cigarettes. Let’s not lie about it. Reynolds has spoken before dozens of municipal and State legislatures in support of proposed smoking ordinances which became law. My usual routine tasks were familiar and helped get me through the first few difficult days, which were always the most difficult part for me.

This is the most valuable secret I can share with you, and probably the most important information in this article.

A Cochrane Review study done in 1996 and updated in November, 2007, found that nicotine replacement therapies like the patch, gum or inhaler increased chances of quitting by 50% to 70%.

Don’t count on any of these programs to make it a breeze. No more deaths, no more disease, no more grieving families around the world.

Over the years, Mr. This is better than letting it build up, and later exploding in rage.

By Patrick Reynolds, Foundation for a Smokefree America

And one recent study shows that the three most heavily advertised brands are the same three brands most often smoked by teens — Camels, Marlboros and Newport. But I wasn’t one of those who could quit by slowly cutting down – although that works best for some. This is a core part of psychotherapy, and it works.

In March, 2009, Mr. The book spans three generations of the RJ Reynolds family and fortune.

“And when those moments come, you need to take the ADULT path,” I tell the students, “and stay with the difficulty — and not go lighting a cigarette, raiding the icebox, taking drugs, blasting music or switching on the TV — or, going to work for too many long hours. A great outlet for this is Nicotine Anonymous meetings. It demands a cigarette, without regard to right or wrong, and ignores the conscious mind’s intentions. Tobacco ads may not influence your conscious mind — but they do influence the unconscious mind.

Check out QuitNet.org and go to their chat room, where those quitting are doing it together, not alone. It’s time to remember you’re an adult. And it’s by our struggles that we define and strengthen our character.

That said, a very warm welcome now, to the sometimes quite difficult world of adults!

This article will ease your way and help insure that this is the last time you ever need to go through the quitting process. You’ll be defeating your very purpose.

Patrick Reynolds’ advocacy work and motivational talks to youth and adults have made him a well known and respected champion of a smokefree society. Why? Because they’re used to getting whatever they want, whenever they want it. He’s talking about both current pain, such as anger, loneliness, or sadness — and emotional pain we’ve carried with us since childhood, such as unmet childhood needs, like an absent father or abusive mother.

Wealthy people may have a harder time than you


Staying smokefree and not relapsing

I ask nonsmokers to honor their smoking loved ones, and treat them like adults.

There is also the National Cancer Institute’s Smoking Quitline, 1-877-44U-Quit, offering proactive counseling by trained personnel.

Inhale the deepest lung-full of air you can, and then, very slowly, exhale. He hopes to visit Russia, China, and India to do the same in those and other nations. This will happen one or more times in the coming months.

Do your very best to stay away from alcohol, sugar and coffee the first week or longer, as these tend to stimulate the desire for a cigarette. I failed that time. The unconscious mind says, ‘Gimmie a cigarette — now!’ It only recognizes what feels good. Quitters often feel as though they are losing a best friend.

I’d always quit on a Monday — a regular workday, when work would occupy my thoughts. Not going to a support meeting could be construed an act of fear, and therefore cowardice. At the St. Use it!

Usually these attacks would sneak up on me during moments of stress – positive stress (out with friends, partying, or on a vacation) or negative stress (while immersed in an angry, sad or lonely moment – you know about those.)

Don’t pretend smoking wasn’t enjoyable – it was. He has campaigned for numerous State cigarette tax increases, FDA regulation of tobacco, Statewide 100% smoking bans, and laws to limit youth access to tobacco products. But you’ll need to flex them. In the months and years after you quit, when temptations to smoke occasionally overpower you — and they will — remind yourself, “I have an addiction and I’m powerless over tobacco.” Saying this to yourself in overwhelmed moments of desire will help give you the strength to say no to “just one” cigarette.

After the urges to smoke have become more and more infrequent, overwhelming surprise attacks are sure to come, a few weeks and months into your new smokefree life.


And if your loved ones are nagging you, don’t fall into the old trap of hurting yourself by continuing to smoke out of your anger toward them. Silently repeating the affirmation “I am a nonsmoker” will help you change your view of yourself, and, even if it may seem silly to you, this is actually useful. There you’ll get plenty of support — and hugs too, if you ask for them. The positive stress of being on vacation actually added to my stress in quitting. All of us are faced with grief, loss and struggle. For example, in business, a successful businesswoman or businessman gets a lawyer to write the contracts, an advertising agency to create the ads, a marketing executive to do the marketing, an accountant to do the accounting, a doctor when they’re sick — people who succeed best get help, and lots of it. This number will forward to your State’s tobacco cessation program, which offers live phone support in your area. physically — and that may well make all the difference this time around.

Call 1-800-QUIT NOW for free support with a trained counselor, who will talk to you whether you are ready to quit or just thinking about it. Others may prefer to start a fresh stick. You can find a local meeting near you, and if there isn’t one, you can learn how to start one at the Nicotine Anonymous website.

The Boilerplate Points

A for-profit company trademarked “Smokers’ Anonymous”, and that is not the same. It’s a process: feel, and you will heal. Just one…I haven’t had one for three months – so what’s the harm of having just one now? I want it SO BADLY!” And I would take ONE, and ZAP! The next day I’d have “just one more,” and before I knew it I was once again a full-fledged smoker, 100% addicted again, back up to a pack a day within just two or three weeks.

Many teens, if asked, would say that tobacco ads have no influence over them. For your State’s most recent overall tobacco report card, see StateofTobaccoControl.org.)

One example: grieving your sadness to completion is the most effective way to heal it –rather than burying it, or carrying it with you deep inside for years. Finally, one day smoking will be no more. There are no fees. It’s likely there’s one near you where you live. Adults know how to delay gratification. At the website you can also find out how to start your own meeting. As of 2000, the tobacco industry has been spending over $5 billion annually to advertise its deadly products. Do whichever you think will work best for you. In 1989, Chicago’s Mt. Sinai Hospital awarded him its Humanitarian of the Year award.

The first few days, drink LOTS of water and fluids to help flush out the nicotine and other poisons from your body.

When these nearly out-of-control urges came (and they always engulfed me in unexpected moments), I learned that if I did my deep breathing (see above), and if I could just HOLD ON for 5 minutes — the overpowering urge to smoke would completely pass.

On your quit day, hide all ashtrays and destroy all your cigarettes, preferably with water, so no part of them is smokeable.. Helena they offer a 5 day or 10 day inpatient program. It’s supposed to be that way. The anti-depressant Zyban and nicotine inhaler require a prescription.

In the US, Patrick Reynolds is a frequent speaker to youth at schools, presenting his unique motivational talk, The Truth About Tobacco with passion and authenticity. Aversion therapy is one way to help counteract this.

© 2010 by Patrick Reynolds and Tobaccofree.org

Call your local branch of the American Cancer Society, or the American Lung or Heart Associations. The dog had made an unconscious association between the ringing and dinner, and began to drool!

During the process of quitting, the new habit of being a nonsmoker forms. Chew gum or suck on cinnamon sticks.

If you count yourself among the affluent, you might wish to consider an inpatient treatment center. You can do it!

This is a variation of an ancient yoga technique from India, and is VERY centering and relaxing. Avoid fatty foods, as your metabolism will slow down a bit without the nicotine, and you may gain weight even if you eat the same amount as before quitting. So get your resolve and willpower up, because you’ll need it. He is also a popular guest lecturer on university campuses, giving his talk Tobacco Wars. In this way, you’ll be able to stay smokefree for life.


I come from a wealthy background, and at one point it occurred to me that wealthy folks may have a harder time quitting smoking, alcohol, or dieting. Reynolds’ Foundation is now contacting Health Ministers in nations where smoking rates are high. If you practice this, you’ll be able to use it for any future stressful situation you find yourself in. There’s a BIG difference!)

If you have tried to quit smoking and failed before, take comfort in the fact that most smokers fail several times before quitting successfully. These ads create an unconscious association between the addiction of cigarettes and strong, positive images of attractive, healthy people, sports like tennis or mountain climbing, beautiful country scenes, cowboys gathered around a campfire or on horseback, masculinity and manhood, being feminine and womanhood, being a ‘real person,’ and so on. Quitnet was originally funded by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health’s Tobacco Control Program, which was funded by a State cigarette tax increase passed by the Massachusetts legislature in the early 90′s.

Their site notes, “Nicotine Anonymous® is a fellowship of men and women helping each other to live our lives free of nicotine. And yes, it might hurt a bit.

That is by far the single most important thing I learned — the hard way — about how to quit successfully.

When the surprise attacks came a few weeks or months after quitting, I told myself, “Hang on for five minutes – and this out-of-control urge to smoke will pass.”

It’s helpful — and healing — to let your feelings out verbally, as you quit smoking. They are widely accepted as an essential and necessary part of quitting successfully.

Several times a day, quietly repeat to yourself the affirmation, “I am a nonsmoker.” Many quitters see themselves as smokers who are just not smoking for the moment. It’s the same rate of recidivism as with heroin. The DVD closes with Mr. Every little bit helps!

Ask for support from coworkers, friends and family members. You CAN quit. I used these every time I quit, and they really helped me. They have a self-image as smokers who still want a cigarette. Support groups like Nicotine Anonymous might initially seem unnecessary — but they provide a GREAT outlet to vent verbally, and you men might be surprised at how good this feels! Best of all, it could help spare your family and friends much grumpiness. So each time I quit, it got harder and harder to motivate myself to set a date. Not to mention continuing to put up with having to go outside most times you smoke.

It’s harsh, but –

Author’s Bio: 

A grandson of cigarette company founder RJ Reynolds, Patrick first spoke out publicly at a Congressional hearing in favor of a ban on all tobacco advertising (1986). Attendance is 100% free, and this org is run entirely by volunteers. More about positive stress in the crucially important section which now follows. The physical portion of the addiction is to nicotine. Reynolds released an educational video for grades 6 – 12, The Truth About Tobacco, 2011 Edition. Reynolds has also called for governors and State legislators to increase or maintain tobacco prevention spending. Another 25% didn’t like the idea at all — they wanted a clean break with cigarettes. Study it and get to know it. You may call them at 866.359.3296.

In one study, about 25% of quitters found that an oral substitute was invaluable. This is more important than you may realize.

A simpler way to go is bottled cinnamon sticks, available at any supermarket. Don’t be afraid to ask. Change your normal routine – take time to walk or even jog around the block or in a local park.

Don’t ask, “Does this program work?” Rather, ask yourself, “Am I willing to DO the work?”

Talk to a live human being free

In Nicotine Anonymous’ 12 Step program, which sprang from the venerable Alcoholics Anonymous program, the first step is admitting to yourself, “I’m powerless over tobacco.” Making this admission may seem trivial to you, but for many it is a very significant part of completing the journey to becoming a non-smoker.

Nibble on low calorie foods like celery, apples and carrots. DO NOT try to go it alone. None of them will do that — but they WILL absolutely reduce your distress by 15% to 50%, depending on how addicted you are psychologically, vs. The points below are advocated by most of today’s credible quit-smoking products and programs. Get into a good program, or better yet, a combination of more than one.

Only a baby gets to relieve itself whenever it feels like it. Inhale and exhale three times. So discipline about diet is extra important now. In this way, the Schick-Shadel Treatment Centers aversion therapy program makes the quitting process a good deal easier.

If you can make it for just five minutes without giving in, the urge to smoke be controllable or disappear. He has helped remind people of the dangers of smoking.

Aversion therapy sends negative associations to the unconscious mind as the quitter smokes cigarettes. It really helps.

The great motivational speaker and family therapist John Bradshaw has said,

I finally stayed smokefree in this way.

Sorry, but there’s no magic pill

Your rating: None Average: 5 (2 votes)

The Schick-Shadel Treatment Centers offer aversion therapy — self-administering a mild electric shock from an ordinary 9 volt battery as one smokes a cigarette. You’d reside in a hospital for up to a week with a group of other people who are also quitting.

I certainly failed — 11 times. And it will be your greatest weapon during the strong cravings sure to assault you over the first few days.

To talk to a live human being, call 1-800-QUITNOW for a free quit smoking counselor, or call the National Cancer Institute’s free Smoking Quitline, 1-877-44U-Quit. You’re not alone.

Don’t worry, if you ask for support and tolerance, you’ll get it. Studies have shown that nicotine addiction is as hard to break as heroin or cocaine addiction.

If you stay with your pain, you’ll begin to see what’s causing it. He has approached several members of Congress about the aggressive advertising of US brands in the Third World and Asia.

Just using the patch or Zyban without following the points below will hinder your chances to quit for good this time.

DEEP BREATHING PERHAPS THE SINGLE MOST POWERFUL AND IMPORTANT TECHNIQUE Every time you want a cigarette, do the following. Reynolds founded the Foundation for a Smokefree America, a nonprofit group whose mission is to motivate youth to stay tobacco free, and to empower smokers to quit successfully.

Your Unconscious Mind

Little, Brown published The Gilded Leaf in 1989, a colorful family biography of the Reynolds family which Patrick coauthored with critically acclaimed biographer Tom Shachtman. It’s truly therapeutic to see how other quitters are doing in their own struggles to stop, and to get support from others going through the same struggle you are.

My mission here is to restore your faith in yourself. It’s statistically equivalent to playing Russian Roulette with not one, but two, bullets in the gun: if you smoke, you have a 40% chance of dying due to the habit. Cigarette ads clearly influence our teens. That’s only natural, and it’s okay.

Ask yourself, and be totally honest: Am I addicted to tobacco? Am I truly making a freely made choice when I smoke?

Ask friends and family members not to smoke in your presence. We know that statistically, only children and teens begin the habit. Once someone asked me, “Excuse me, but is that an exploded firecracker in your mouth?” I replied that I was quitting smoking – and they smiled and became supportive. He testified in Congress in favor of a ban of all tobacco advertising, and a second time to help bring about the present ban of smoking on all US domestic flights. That’s a lot of bell ringing! And it’s not lost on our kids.

Every time it does, do your deep breathing (see above), hold on for 5 minutes — you can do it — and the urge will completely pass.

Go to a gym, sit in the steam, exercise. Reynolds’ unique initiation for teens and his inspirational message of hope for the future, especially needed now. Get help, and plenty of it.

What is the unconscious mind? In a famous study, the Russian scientist Pavlov rang a bell every time he fed his dog — and eventually the dog would salivate just on hearing the bell — even though there was no food there. If you don’t ask for support, you certainly won’t get any. Real men ask directions!

Stretch out your meals; eat slowly and wait a bit between bites.

You might consider that you need to have a cigarette. Even if you’ve failed several times in the past, understand that this is normal. Helena Hospital in California’s Napa Valley. You can do it!

This admission will further serve you by helping you stay smokefree later. You can do it!

Other top of the line, physician-endorsed methods: nicotine replacement and Zyban. Each of these things is a kind of drug — because each temporarily gets your mind off of your pain.”

Bradshaw is right. Luckily, I never needed the cinnamon sticks after the first three days of being a nonsmoker.

But if you don’t quit and “grieve” now, this great “friend” of yours will probably turn on you and kill you one day. However, new studies tell us that advertising plays a greater role than even peer pressure in getting teens to smoke.

Buy a How to Quit Smoking Book, or a motivational cassette tape program in a bookstore, and listen to the tapes in your car. Obama later signed the bill into law.

Here is perhaps the most valuable information among these points. In Phase 2, the period which begins a few weeks after quitting, the urges to smoke will subside considerably. Former US Surgeon General C. Let them know you’re quitting, and that you might be edgy or grumpy for a few days. Ick! And your beloved smoker will be so ANGRY with you that they’ll keep smoking just to spite you. The Greek Health Ministry has provided him with a letter of recommendation to Ministers of Health.

If joining a small group of other quitters appeals to you, then try a Nicotine Anonymous meeting. So stick with the difficult feelings. The nicotine patch or gum are now available over-the-counter at any pharmacy. Reread this point now, and as you do, try it for the first time. Quitting will be like losing a great, dear friend — and you may find yourself grieving a bit. Remember, you CAN do it.

Mr. His testimony is invaluable to our society.”

In 1988, the UN’s World Health Organization honored him with a special award. It’s a sign of a strong man in my book. Your past failures are not a lesson that you are unable to quit. All these are just ways of avoiding painful feelings and numbing them out.”

Phase One — Quitting with help

Phase Two — Staying smokefree and not relapsing

Phase One:

Quitting with help

Real men ask directions

For me there were two very distinct and EQUALLY IMPORTANT phases to quitting:

Presently, two excellent inpatient programs are offered, at The Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN (they have a second location as well), and St. Do it. Instead, they are part of the normal journey toward becoming a nonsmoker.

THE SECRET IS SIMPLE: Hang on for five minutes.

You know how to work, don’t you? I’m betting that you do.

In April, 2009, Mr. No one ever said acquiring new habits would be easy!

After 11 failed attempts, I looked back and I realized that several times in the past, surprise attacks were ALWAYS the critical moment in which I would inevitably become re-addicted, as “innocent” as “just one cigarette” might seem.

Especially for men, this is a sign of STRENGTH. The rest weren’t certain. Personally, I found a cigarette substitute to be a tremendous help. Concerned about the mounting health evidence, he made the decision to speak out against the industry his family helped build.

You can do it! Print this article out now and keep it in your nighttable drawer until you are ready to quit. Over

At Nicotine Anonymous meetings, you’ll find support and fellowship, which can be more comforting than a computer screen. Ask for their tolerance. Real men do ask directions!

Write down ten good things about being a nonsmoker — and then write out ten bad things about smoking. (Try surrounding your request with HONEST complements, keep it BRIEF, and they might be more open to hearing you.

As you exhale, close your eyes, and let your chin gradually sink over onto your chest. They claim a 95% initial success rate, and 50% after a year. It helps to reduce future psychological cravings for cigarettes. If you do, you’ll be surprised how much it can help. As our government passes laws making it increasingly difficult for youth to obtain cigarettes, and as Uncle Sam limits the advertising of tobacco more in the future, teens will not start smoking in such huge numbers. Better words should come out of your mouth, in loud complaining tones, than extra unneeded calories going in!

The same is true of anger – let your anger out in reasonable, mild little bits here and there, as you go along, right as things come up. YOU CAN DO IT!

In 1989, Mr. Reynolds was invited by Greece’s Health Minister Avramopoulos to Athens, where he helped call national public attention to the problem of tobacco use. Our primary purpose is to offer support to those who are trying to gain freedom from nicotine.”

When asked why you smoke, you might have said, “I just like to smoke!” or “It’s my choice to smoke.”

The tobacco companies have promoted the idea that smoking is a matter of personal choice. The ex-smoker’s unconscious mind gradually gets used to being a nonsmoker, as the urges to smoke slowly fade away.

In coming decades, we’ll look back on smoking as a thing of the last century. It’s no accident. Grow up!

PHASE TWO — the period starting a few weeks after going cold turkey — the urges to smoke would greatly diminish, even disappear. Proactive counseling services by trained personnel will be provided in sessions both before and after quitting smoking.

Still I was dying for a smoke – okay, so now it was just THREE more minutes to hold on for… If this appeals to you, find a meeting near you at the website of Nicotine Anonymous — they are all over the US. I used this therapy successfully, and will come back to this later.

This is a personal choice. Instead, view them as part of the normal journey toward becoming a nonsmoker.

Bear in mind,however, that with no program only 5% of quitters are still smokefree at the end of 12 months. When you do quit, you’ll be fully empowered!

But I did that 11 times.

Look in the yellow pages under Yoga, and take a class – they’re GREAT! Get a one hour massage, take a long bath — pamper yourself.

“America is a nation of addicts. Visualize all the tension leaving your body, slowly draining out of your fingers and toes, just flowing on out.

As I wrestled with myself thinking about this during an attack, I thought, “Okay. After a while, they would get pretty chewed up on one end — but I’d laugh, reverse them and chew on the other end. Everett Koop said in 2003, “Patrick Reynolds is one of the nation’s most influential advocates of a smokefree America.

Sadly, eighty percent of smokers who quit do so without being in any program – and studies show that 95% of these self-reliant quitters fail, and go right back to smoking within 12 months. Letting your feelings out is how you heal, and put the source of your pain behind you. And when you’re ready, you can take a step to solve the problem.

Try the great free meetings at Nicotine Anonymous.

I’m convinced that this is the single most important secret to quitting for life.

A Note About Tobacco Ads

Cigarette ads reach our unconscious minds

Who Is To Be The Most Shining Star In World Cup 2010

He is the second top scorer of all time for Spain behind only Raul Gonzalez.

Top4: Xavier

Xavier Hernandez Creus is a Spanish footballer who currently plays as a central midfielder for La Liga club Barcelona. He represented England in the UEFA European Championships in 2000 and 2004 as well as the 2006 FIFA World Cup, where he was the team’s top goalscorer with two goals.

Top6: Kaka

Kaka is a Brazilian football midfielder who currently plays for Real Madrid C.F. He scored three goals at the 2006 World Cup and was top scorer at Euro 2008 with four goals. Top3: Drogba

Didier Drogba comes from west Africa, who is a professional footballer who plays in the centre forward position. While at Milan, Kaka won the Ballon d’Or and FIFA World Player of the Year awards in 2007.

World Cup 2010 Football stars

Besides the guys mentioned above, who else do you think is going to be the most shining star in this contest? Well, just look forward to their brilliant performances in World Cup 2010.

For more information about the ten guys, you can view this YouTube video which I made with the help of PowerPoint and PowerPoint to video converter Acoolsoft PPT to Video Pro. Widely considered among the finest playmakers in world football, Xavi was named the official Man of the match of the 2009 Champions League Final as he helped Barcelona defeat Manchester United to win their third Champions League-title.. He is a two-time winner of the French Player of the Year award and has also been named to the UEFA Team of the Year once.

Top5: Rooney

Wayne Mark Rooney is an English footballer who currently plays as a striker for English Premier League club Manchester United and the England national team. Before the start of the 2004-05 seasons, he moved to Manchester United for 25.6 million and became a key member of the first team.

Top2: C Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo, is a Portuguese footballer who plays as a winger for Spanish club Real Madrid and serves as captain of the Portuguese national team. He has scored more goals for Chelsea than any other foreign player and is currently Chelsea’s 7th highest goal scorer of all time.

Top7: Ribery

Franck Ribery is a French football player who currently plays for Bundesliga club Bayern Munich. Here is a list of the most promising 10 guys selected by the public.

World Cup 2010

Top10: Eto’o

Cameroon forward Samuel Eto’o Fils, one of the finest strikers ever to have come out of Africa, currently plays in Inter Milan, has participated in two World Cups and five African Nations Cups (being champion twice), and is the all-time leading scorer in the history of the African Nations Cup, with 18 goals.

Top9: Villa

David Villa plays as a Spanish international. If you are interested in making one video presentation for your favorite football players, you can also do it easily with the two tools I mentioned.

Top1: Messi

Lionel Messi is an Argentine footballer who currently plays for La Liga team Barcelona and the Argentine national team. and the Brazilian national team. Considered one of the best footballers of his generation and frequently cited as the world’s best contemporary player, Messi received FIFA World Player of the Year by the age of 23. Three-time Ballon d’Or winner Johan Cruyff said in an interview on 2 April 2008, “Ronaldo is better than George Best and Denis Law, who were two brilliant and great players in the history of United.

Top8: Gerrard

Steven Gerrard is an English footballer who plays for English Premier League club Liverpool and the England national team. His playing style and ability have drawn comparisons to football legend Diego Maradona, who himself declared Messi his successor.

With the approach of 2010 Fifa World Cup, many passionate football fans are now starting to predicate which team will be the dark horse and who are to be the most shining stars this year. He currently plays for Chelsea in the Premier League and is the captain and all-time top scorer of the Ivory Coast national football team

Grasping Football Betting Odds With An Asian Bookie

The Asian bookie allows bettors only two different options on which they can bet – one team wins or the other team wins. They involve three possible outcomes for each match – one team wins, the other team wins, or both teams draw. The likelihood that the stronger team will win is therefore much higher. Most of the time, one team will be obviously weaker than the other team. This is done through the a handicap. The Asian handicap bet, as its name suggests, originated in Asia, among the bookmakers of the East. To the discerning bettor, the chances that they place a successful bet are therefore higher with Asian handicap odds.

. Asian handicap odds betting eliminates the need to calculate the potential profit or loss based on the odds, and instead focuses the bettor’s attention more on the actual skills of the teams and players.

Also, the provision of a handicap to the weaker immediately allows you to identify which team is the weaker team. This bet proved to be so popular among Asian bettors that Western bookmakers decided to offer such bets as well, leading to the establishment of many an Asian bookie that offered their bettors such an option.

Finally, betting with Asian handicap odds is simply more intriguing and exciting than betting with fixed odds, since the addition of the handicap makes it much more interesting than simply determining which team is the stronger team and betting on that team, subject to calculations on the odds given for a win by that team. Once you have done so, it becomes a relatively simple matter of using statistics to determine whether the team is likely to win given the handicap that has been provided or is likely to lose even given that handicap.

Asian handicap odds also aim to make the two choices available to bettors have as equal a chance of taking place as possible. The term Asian bookie is in fact derived from a particular type of bet, known as the Asian handicap bet, which was a relatively recent development in the field of soccer betting. By giving the weaker team a handicap in terms of a goal advantage, the bookmaker is able to balance out the chances of either team being victorious.

Why Bet With An Asian Bookie

Asian handicap odds, however, take a slightly different approach to football betting odds. This is the sort of betting that most bettors are used to when it comes to football betting odds.

While fixed odds betting may seem simpler and more straightforward than betting on Asian handicap odds, the truth is that Asian handicap odds offer bettors an easier bet. There is no draw option with an Asian bookie, and if a game ends in a draw, then the Asian bookie will return you the entirety of your bet.

Traditional football betting odds are fairly straightforward. Instead of having to choose between three different possibilities, each with only a 33.3% chance of taking place, bettors need only choose between two possibilities, each with a 50% chance of taking place. These three outcomes are then each available as a particular bet, and if you bet on the outcome that eventually does happen, then you win

Re-Imagining A City: Temporary exhibits take over San Francisco streets

Below, “Knock Stop Music” is a way for pedestrians across the street to interact with one another — by knocking on the faux stoplight posts, the stoplights across the street flash different designs while playing a whimsical tune controlled by the people on either side of the street.

san francisco, market street, prototyping festival, urban, sustainable, street art, technology, interactive, tactical urbanism, urban design

The “Market Street Prototyping Festival” featured dozens of unique temporary installations — like the “Bench-Go-Round” above – created by designers, architects, students, community members, artists, and others who entered their concepts in an earlier call for submissions.

We saw this group of people relaxing on this oversized grass-covered rocker, intended to create a mini urban oasis and alternative seating option in busy downtown San Francisco.

san francisco, market street, prototyping festival, urban, sustainable, street art, technology, interactive, tactical urbanism, urban design

“Tag Tunnel” was created by a team of youth artists and designers, and features an exterior chalkboard wall and interior wall for street artists to paint on.

One of the most unique aspects of the Prototyping Festival is that after organizers have gathered feedback from the public, some of the prototypes may be formalized and installed on a more permanent basis along Market Street.

Walking along Market Street, we spotted the “bike counter”, which measures how many cyclists have traveled down the street on any given day.

“Fogplane” is an installation made of stretchy white fabric, emulating layers of San Francisco fog, inviting passersby to interact, stretch, play and hide in it.

san francisco, market street, prototyping festival, urban, sustainable, street art, technology, interactive, tactical urbanism, urban design

san francisco, market street, prototyping festival, urban, sustainable, street art, technology, interactive, tactical urbanism, urban design

“Tree Sitting” invites pedestrians to enter a walkway surrounded by swaying white fringe, leading to a street tree. san francisco, market street, prototyping festival, urban, sustainable, street art, technology, interactive, tactical urbanism, urban design

“Ghost Arroyos” aims to visually highlight historical creeks that once ran alongside Market Street.

san francisco, market street, prototyping festival, urban, sustainable, street art, technology, interactive, tactical urbanism, urban design

Festival-goers try out the “Ember” installation, where stumps are arranged in a “campfire” like arrangement. Once someone sits on a stump, it lights up and emits a sound, creating a melody based on when other users sat there.

Related: Sightglass Coffee Opens Daylight-Filled Neighborhood Cafe in San Francisco’s Mission District

By installing low-cost prototypes instead of permanent structures, artists and organizers can get real-time feedback on how their designs work in the real world, what resonates with the public, and which improvements must be made.

All photos by the author for Inhabitat

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The interactive displays create sense of place for Market Street, providing opportunities for play, learning, and exercise. At the same time, it provided visitors with plenty of ways to relax, interact and experience groundbreaking art in the heart of the city. The tree is surrounded with seating where visitors can look up at art inspired by tree-ring data, and find a temporary respite from the street..

The “Play Everyday” installation is a fun interactive spot for passersby to “play” or work out, with a climbing wall and suggested workout routines.

san francisco, market street, prototyping festival, urban, sustainable, street art, technology, interactive, tactical urbanism, urban design

san francisco, market street, prototyping festival, urban, sustainable, street art, technology, interactive, tactical urbanism, urban design

The San Francisco Planning Department partnered with the Knight Foundation and the Yerba Buena Center For The Arts to present the Prototyping Festival, which is part of a larger multi-agency effort to revitalize Market Street, a key downtown corridor.

san francisco, market street, prototyping festival, urban, sustainable, street art, technology, interactive, tactical urbanism, urban design

“Peep Show” is a mirrored interactive sculpture – pedestrians walk through, seeing fractured reflections of the street life around them.

The “Tenderloin Exertrail” is an interactive workout setup where participants create their own customized workout using cross-fit techniques, intended for installation in dense urban areas lacking parks and opportunities for keeping fit.

san francisco, market street, prototyping festival, urban, sustainable, street art, technology, interactive, tactical urbanism, urban design

We were lucky to catch this performer playing a grand piano right on the sidewalk next to a busy street, only to see it whisked away moments later – “Show Box” is a sidewalk performance space and seating area that featured different music, theater, and dance events throughout the festival.

san francisco, market street, prototyping festival, urban, sustainable, street art, technology, interactive, tactical urbanism, urban design

san francisco, market street, prototyping festival, urban, sustainable, street art, technology, interactive, tactical urbanism, urban design

san francisco, market street, prototyping festival, urban, sustainable, street art, technology, interactive, tactical urbanism, urban design

We walked through the five zones of the festival – spanning from San Francisco’s waterfront all the way to City Hall – and snapped some photos of the prototypes. City planners and designers from other cities across the US and the world were invited to participate and get inspired to create urban interventions in their own cities.

san francisco, market street, prototyping festival, urban, sustainable, street art, technology, interactive, tactical urbanism, urban design

san francisco, market street, prototyping festival, urban, sustainable, street art, technology, interactive, tactical urbanism, urban design

Related: New shipwrecked parklet is an urban oasis in San Francisco

The “PPlanter” is a solution to public urination on downtown streets, that creates a temporary private enclosure and uses plants to bio-filter urine.

san francisco, market street, prototyping festival, urban, sustainable, street art, technology, interactive, tactical urbanism, urban design

san francisco, market street, prototyping festival, urban, sustainable, street art, technology, interactive, tactical urbanism, urban design

+Market Street Prototyping Festival

san francisco, market street, prototyping festival, urban, sustainable, street art, technology, interactive, tactical urbanism, urban design

Re-Imagining A City: Temporary exhibits take over San Francisco streets | Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building

Email San Francisco recently played host to a 3-day explosion of interactive street art and urban designs installed along Market Street, a major boulevard through the city’s downtown.The Market Street Prototyping Festival featured dozens of unique temporary installations that allowed designers to get instant feedback on their creations and determine what designs might have potential as permanent installations in the city

The Importance of Sports in Your Kid’s Life

Learning how to be humble when humbled is truly a great experience our kids should go through, for when he grows older he will be able to accept failures and mistakes. Willingness to give an all-out effort, showing grace under pressure and ability to accept defeat when losing to a better team or a player, are good indications of true competitive nature that a well-rounded player can extract from playing sports.

My 27th Hub in the HubChallenge… 4. If your kid needs to swim better to rip existing records, go ahead let him swim for several hours, this will not only bolster his chance of lowering records but can also help him improve his endurance. Same principle applies to real life, in order to be almost perfect in executing every plans we essayed, careful and thorough preparation must be done.

6. Preparation – To win in a game intensive training and careful planning should be done for “practice makes perfect”. Third Batch…

. Sportsmanship – We have the saying “You win some, you lose some, it balances out at the end”. If your kid need hours to perfect his free throws in basketball, go ahead let him perfect his free throw shooting for this will also boosts his perimeter shooting. Sportsmanship will teach your kids how to be strong and to be strong still even when defeat is on hand. Doing necessary improvements and adjustments in life will help him become persistent and not to repeat same mistakes from the past.

5. Competitiveness – Striving to win in every field of endeavors your kid is entered can be surely built around playing sports. Determination – Sports will indeed improve the perseverance of your kids. In order to win, a player should value hard work and patience while practicing crafts that will help him gain distinct edge in carving out success.


Best Guitar Amp for Metal: Peavey 6505 Review

I was the lead guitarist in a metal band at the time, and we were playing around the local area and getting ready to go into the studio for our first demo.

I started talking about Marshall amps and after listening patiently for a while he said, “I’ll sell you a Marshall if you really want it, but first check out this thing.”

Needless to say, after messing with the 5150 for a few minutes I forgot all about Marshall. In addition to the “crunch” button the Rhythm channel also had a dedicated “bright” button to boost the higher frequencies.

Despite its simple design, the potential of this beast was evident from the beginning, and players began to squeeze hellacious metal tones out of it almost immediately.

The Lead channel, on the other hand, put out blistering high-gain sounds with no outside influence required. Where metal players were accustomed to having to hit the front end of a tube amp with a distortion pedal and employ a power attenuator to push the preamp into metal-worthy overdrive, the 5150 stood on its own and produced wicked distortion at any volume level.

In 2004, when Eddie Van Halen parted with Peavey to start his own company (EVH), the 5150 brand name went with him but Peavey kept the rights to the amp design. I’ve loved the Peavey high-gain sound ever since, and Peavey amps became a key part of my arsena from then on.

Like most local musicians who frequently wandered into the guitar shop for no good reason, I was known to the guy who ran the place, and he was aware of what kind of music I played.

The original setup was simple but effective: Each channel had its own pre and post-gain knobs, and shared Low, Mid, High, Resonance and Presence. They changed the name to 6505, but it was still the same great metal machine, and by this time the legend had grown. Metal players across the globe had grabbed onto the Peavey tone and the 6505 sound had become the backbone of extreme metal..

My first experience with the 5150 was in 1994 when I walked into a local music store looking for a new half-stack

Interview with DatBet.net and the odds on who will win the LoL Worlds – Boulder gaming

There are days, when there will be only a few players betting, on the other hand during EU LCS ties there were like 50 people live betting each game.

Who is your best bet in the LoL World Championships

Riot Games

JF: We offer ongoing bets on most offline and the biggest online events. You can chose between single bet or parleys.

JF: Betting is typically an event based business. They might be very strong or just an average team. We have a few hundred users registered. It will appear in the betslip on the right hand side, then you put the amount of money you want to bet and click bet now and confirm. Finals with an LCS team would definitely be an upset for Asia and a great surprise for all LCS fans.

JF: We love Esports. We also have very good LOL specialists, who already multiplied their money over 10 times as well.

Visit DatBet.net to place bets on the League of Legends World Championship starting on Sunday, Sep. SKT T1 after a stunning performance in OGN and Regionals is considered the biggest favorite to take it all with Galaxy Samsung Ozone and OMG just behind them.

JF: Are you asking, is it possible to earn real money on Esports? Yes, it is. How are the top teams looking as far as odds of winning go?

Examiner: Are people winning (or losing) hundreds or more dollars?

Examinr: After the LoL World Championship, are there any other big E-sports events DatBet.net will be taking bets on?

Examiner: How big does the betting get on DatBet.net? How many people are participating?

Besides that, I heard some unofficial news, that there will be a new big tournament/league coming up at the beginning of next year, but it is still unofficial and I am not allowed to say more.

Examiner: E-sports betting is an emerging field and there aren’t too many resources out there for it yet. The best example might be Starcraft. The best player on Starcraft II Finals won over 6,000 USD just during the tournament, multiplying his money by 12-13 times. He shared some great information on the world of E-sports betting and even gave some tips on who to put your money on when it comes to the LoL World Championship. Royal Club is extremely momentum based. 15th.

Examiner: Last year the World Championship came down to two Asian teams. From region strengths to how to place your bets this interview will help fans as they prepare to place some live bets on the upcoming E-sports event betting scene.

JF: Koreans seems to be hyped and super strong before the tournament. Najin Sword ’cause they’re consistently inconsistent from other top Korean teams. LCS teams have closed the gap significantly but definitely not enough. If you would ask any pro player ‘will they beat a Korean team?’ I believe only a Chinese team would have answered positive. You deposit money into your account and there you go. DatBet.net is an E-sports only international betting website. Gamania Bears are a secret for us. What got the founders of DatBet.net interested in the business?

Examiner: Citizens of what countries are eligible to place bets on DatBet.net?

Najin Black Sword, Royal Club and Gamania Bears starting their matches from quarterfinals are really hard to judge for totally different reasons. What are the chances that will happen again? How strong are the different participating regions?. Then just click on the odds you would like to bet. If I could bet and want some LCS team (to win) I would go with Fnatic. We accept all customers with exception to ones in Colombia, Hong Kong and Switzerland currently.

Examiner: What advice would you give spectators wanting to make smart bets for the World Championship?

Examiner: Can you explain how a LoL fan would go about betting on the championships with your site?

Examiner had the opportunity to speak with DatBet.net’s Business Development Manager James Farrowy. We believe we can develop E-Sports into a legitimate sport like football, or basketball and thanks to great community support we can compete with the big bookmakers, which will enter the market later.

JF: Our license grants us the right to operate internationally. They seem to have a really strong lineup. For those who like risk Mineski and Fnatic might be the black horses of the group stage and Royal Club if they find their momentum might even win the whole tournament.

Yes, we will offer live betting for all games at LOL Worlds as well.

The first, biggest event after Worlds will definitely be Blizzcon on 8-9 November. Many of them deposited and placed at least a few bets. After the World Championships there will still be bets on Starseries, WePlay Dota2, and WCS available.

JF: We believe the odds are for it. For now we offer customers bets on LOL, DOTA2, Starcraft and Counter Strike. It takes like 2 minutes (just remember to enter all your personal data correctly. You need to register first. Probably if Riot decided to allow their young super-star Rekkles to play, they would be considered one of the favorites of the tournament. I know it sounds cliché, but that is simply it. As their regional games went in an extremely unusual way, considering both picks and game play, it is really hard to predict how they will perform against teams from other regions.

JF: If you would like to go conservative I would favor SKT T1 and Ozone for sure. To protect your money we will check this data before withdrawal). A community based business; DatBet.net is focused on making E-sports a recognized sport.

Examiner: The League of Legends World Championship is starting on Sunday. We plan to offer live bets for it as well.

JF: It is super easy. The Season 3 League of Legends World Championship is kicking off on Sunday, drawing attention to a new found form of entertainment, E-sports betting. If they find themselves rolling they might get unstoppable, otherwise they probably won’t pass the quarterfinals